Best way to find a niche and start Instagram account in 2020

Finding a niche, on a platform which has more than 1 billion users, is a bit tricky task. People get confused when they go for finding a niche to start their Instagram account. The reason is that Instagram is occupied with a significant chunk of users. As per studies, 71 per cent of the U.S companies use Instagram and are active on the platform, and more than 500 million people remain active on Instagram daily. If you are in search of one of the best sites to buy followers, you can buy real Instagram followers from BuyTrueFollowers easily.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the best way to find a niche and start an Instagram account in 2020.

First and foremost step is to create your account and set up it accordingly. After that, you have to go for five strategies that we are going to discuss below. So let’s start.  

1. Know Your Interest

Are you worried about knowing your interest? Don’t you know what your interest is? If yes, then this thing is not working for the success of your Instagram account in 2020. Know your interest before starting an account on Instagram. Your interest can be a good source for finding a niche on Instagram and starting an account with that niche. So this is the best way to find a niche and start an Instagram account in 2020.

2. Check Other Niches Reach

Besides, the best way to find a niche is to check other niches’ reach and engagement. Visit and Search top influencers’ profiles and get ideas from there considering the following things in mind.

  • Product: Check on which products top influencers do post.
  • Comments and Likes: Check the number of comments and likes on that post.
  • Feedback: See peoples’ input in comments.

I hope these things are going to help you a lot for finding a niche and starting an Instagram account in 2020.

3. Research What People Are Looking For

Researching the topic can help uplift your work. Visit digital marketing and social media platforms, connect yourself with multiple research entities; this will let you know about the audience and their interests. Moreover, register an account on LinkedIn and become an active user there. Join groups on LinkedIn; you will get to know more on LinkedIn about the market, target audience and their preferences on products. Further, do survey on social media platforms by making a questionnaire asking people what they are looking for and in which product they have an interest. These are the strategies for finding a niche and starting an Instagram account on that. InternetMarketingRocks is one the renowned companies which do extensive research and helps business grow on Instagram. You can easily buy Instagram followers from InternetmarketingRocks.

4. Go for Top Niches

There are a lot of top niches you can start with that. Health and Fitness, beauty, fashion, and travelling are, to name a few. Kylie Jenner, a top Instagram influencer, has 159 million followers; her account is based on Beauty and Fashion niche and has the highest engagement reach. Choose your niche and start with it.

5. Gender-Based Audience

According to some researches, more than 50% of Instagram users are female, while below 50 are male. It is better to start with a niche whose audience is in high number. For feminine-based products, you can go for clothing, cosmetics, fashion, and so. Why wait for more, go and start.

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