Top 5 Social Media Trends for 2020

Social media is a place for people to interact and get to learn from one another. Some other people use social media to acquire a fan base to sell their products and services. Whatever the reason is for being on social media, the primary purpose is to connect with people you do not know and have not seen before.

Some couples today met each other on social media and decided to give it a try. Although people use social media for their advantage and to help other people, it does not mean that there are some disadvantages of social media. For example, the problem of bullying on social media is so rampant that it will take extreme measures to stop it.

Some individuals are fond of body shaming or calling out people in their lives who have wrong them on social media. While this is not the best part of the platforms, no one can deny that it has not helped the majority for several years now. 

Social media trends are the topics that people will likely engage in more for a period. While most of them may be juicy topics, others are about economy and politics. Several issues have trended on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Some of these topics help people know what is going on in societies around the world. Whatever the trend topic is, as long as a lot of people can relate to it, it is good to interact with it. Now, several social media trends will come up in 2020, and most people may not realize it now, but these trends have a 99% chance of happening next year. Find out what these social media trends are and if you can relate with them. 

Instagram May Do Away With Likes

Aside from Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is one of the most used applications in the world by millions of people. The app is there to interact with people and share amazing pictures for people who follow you to see.

However, the one way that users can know that people are interacting with their posts is when they get likes. This has been the cause of several controversies on the app because people always want to get likes on their posts. For this reason, Instagram may be doing away with the like button in 2020. This topic will no doubt trend because the decision may or may not affect a lot of people. Only time will tell that truth. 

Influencer Marketing

On social media, some influencers help to promote advertisements for agencies and companies. While this may not likely come up as a trend, it is a growing topic on social media. 

Increase In Social Media Users

These days everyone wants to be on social media to know the trends that are happening. By 2020, a lot of people will become accustomed to social media and its trends. 

TikTok Growth

For several months now, TikTok has increased in users who share amazing videos for others to see. It has also become a growing social media trend and will no doubt trend in 2020. One way to grow followers is to buy TikTok followers.

More Brands Will Use Social Media

In 2020, the likely trend will come from brands engaging social media more to capture people who need their services. 

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