Your Ultimate Guide to Men’s Antique Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, women get all the fun. The design and style options they have access to is immense. However, there are a few men’s styles that have become popular over the centuries and are here to stay. Yes, we are talking about antique jewellery for men. They are both elegant and collectable and can make you look like the perfect gentleman you have always wanted to be.

Sites like Carus Jewellery boasts a unique collection of antique jewellery for men where you can find unique pieces like dress sets to signet rings, tie pins, and more. Keep on reading as we explore the beauty and functionality of antique jewellery for men.

#1 Signet Rings

Signet rings are the most popular and probably the oldest form of men’s jewellery. What’s interesting about signet rings is that they have surfaced again as part of men’s fashion in recent years, allowing them to look both classy and trendy in any attire. The ancient civilisations first started using signet rings as a form of identification. Also, they have been part of the nobility throughout history as men used to wear these to ‘sign’ important documents.

Traditionally, signet rings boast designs or coats of arms identifying an organisation or an individual. Even today, the head of a family will often wear this antique jewellery bearing the family’s coat of arms. The unique part is that the signet ring is passed down to younger generations when they read a certain age.

#2 Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a popular Victorian era antique jewellery for men that secures the shirt cuffs. It was also a fashion statement and a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The frivolity and splendour of cufflinks transformed into a dress code for men. That is, cufflinks were a must if you wore a dark suit in the daytime, a tailcoat in the evening, or a dinner jacket. Cufflinks add small details to accessorise men’s attire.

#3 Tie Pins

Just like cufflinks, tie pins were used by early Victorian gentlemen to accessorise their minimalistic attire to keep the silky folds of their cravats secure. Since men had only a few pieces of jewellery to accessorise themselves with, the tie pin trend caught on like a wildfire with every wealthy gentleman wearing tie pins resembling their family, organisation, and individuality.

The most popular tie pins that are still high in demand are the beautiful Edwardian, George Jensen, Victorian, and Art Nouveau. The best part is that these tie pins are highly affordable and an original acquisition for any modern man out there.

#4 Dress Sets

A dress set is a man’s antique jewellery set that consists of detachable studs, buttons, cufflinks, and more that a man requires to accessorise his look. Today, dress sets have emerged as a classic present for men as these sets are handsome and allow men to distinguish themselves from the masses. It can make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Final Words

These are the most popular antique jewellery for men that you can purchase. Now for those who have no idea about how to distinguish fake and real jewellery, you are advised to only shop from genuine shops like Carus Jewellery, among others so that you get your hands on the authentic piece of jewellery.

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