Your First Experience in Medical Tourism: 5 Simple Steps

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For the last decade, medical tourism, travel overseas to receive medical assistance, has become very popular. According to the Medical Tourism Association survey, about 14 million consumers go abroad annually to get treatment, perform surgeries, and improve appearance. Such a large-scale development of this industry is explained by the following reasons:

  • lower prices for the same treatment abroad
  • use of the latest treatment options, not available in a native country
  • high level of service.

It is quite easy to engage in medical tourism. All you need is to appeal to a reputable medical tourism platform, such as Bookimed. There, you can pick the most appropriate option according to your preferences: country, hospital, prices.

Follow these simple tips to start your medical tourism engagement safely and easily.

Where to go

First of all, you need to decide where to go for treatment, get medical or esthetic procedures. You can google the info or find it on social media. If your aim is wellness tourism, you can consider plastic surgery clinics in Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, the Czech Republic, South Korea. In case you look for places to treat severe health conditions, the best medical centers are located in Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy. For cancer patients, who dispose of a limited budget, onco centers in Turkey may be one of the best options. The choice of the country significantly depends on the purpose of medical travel and budget.

Choose a proper hospital

When you figure out what country is a better place for your treatment, the next step is picking a proper hospital or clinic. It seems quite a difficult task as far as the level of provided healthcare services may differ from hospital to hospital. When selecting a medical center, these factors will help you:

  • reviews. The experience of real patients is a reliable way to find out the level of medicine and doctors’ qualification in a hospital. 
  • Certificates. The reputable medical centers have got international certificates that approve their compliance with high medical standards. Among them can be ISO, JCI, etc.
  • Services. For patients, who are newbies in medical tourism, it is better to pick hospitals that provide such services as transfer and language assistance. It will make travel more comfortable. 

Calculate your expenses

The item of expenditure for treatment abroad consists of: the cost of treatment (procedure/surgery/conservative treatment), doctor’s fee, hospital stay (if necessary), accommodation, language assistance, plane tickets. You have to calculate all charges before medical travel to avoid unpleasant situations abroad.

Each hospital that works with medical tourists has the International Department. Stay in touch with the department’s representative to solve all issues quickly.


Medical tourism allows people across the world to get qualitative and cheaper treatment. From first sight, it may seem difficult to pick a country or hospital. However, a deep investigation of the topic and wasting some time will help to overwhelm all fears and find answers. 

If you want to save yourself the trouble of looking for the best treatment options, request medical tourism agencies or platforms. They will help with picking a hospital, calculating the budget, and travel arrangement.


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