Whenever you plan on choosing a career, you keep several factors in mind before reaching an informed decision. Yeah, your interest contributes to the conclusion the most, but some people also consider career choice as an investment in their future. Simply put, they try to realize which career choice would give the maximum value for all their input. If that choice coincides with the interest of the person, what can be better than that? 

There are often some of the most chosen career choices in any society for which people have an alacrity to opt. Some of these professionals are medical sciences, engineering, law, social sciences, to name a few. One should never choose based on someone else’s decision and instead do their research. Many people consider attending a medical school honor and rightly so, it leads to a very distinguished and rewarding career.

Being a doctor is just one of the myriads of possibilities when it comes to medical studies. We must understand that the healthcare sector is quite vast and includes places from clinics to hospitals. Managing hospitals require several streams of professions such as doctors, nurses, receptionists, and then there is the administration as well. 

Most of these professions are quite rewarding, and if complemented with a higher degree such as an online masters in healthcare informatics, you can gradually reach the top. Everyone knows that being a doctor comes with a very lucrative career prospect, but there are other lesser-known health sector streams. As the trends keep changing with time, in this article, we will discuss the health majors that will provide you the best value in 2020.


You hear a lot about doctors but who do patients interact with the most when they get admitted in the hospitals. The obvious answer is nurses who take care of all their requirements, from emotional to physical. Since the hospitals depend too much on nurses, they are always in high demand, and their careers are quite promising. After completing their first degree, they can apply to become registered nursing. Furthermore, in nursing, students have the opportunity to select which stream they want to specialize in as different patients have different needs. The career advancements mostly depend upon the level of education and then experience acquired on top of that.

Health Administration and Management

Hospitals are massive, and they cannot run properly without able managers and their teams. Many healthcare units are big businesses that want some return from their huge investment, so they cannot compromise on many things, including the efficient operation. Healthcare administration provides the necessary knowledge to a person about managing human resources and public relations and gives them the required knowledge about healthcare-related laws. They are high in demand as we see many new healthcare units opening.

Clinical research coordinator

Medical science relies heavily on research input from qualified professionals who make the diagnosis and treatment better. Doing research is not possible without dedicated professionals whose job is to find new advancements in the field. It is a very lucrative career choice as the demand for research professionals can never fade away. Such researchers also perform clinical trials to find out any new drug or antibodies.

Health Information and Record Administration

Since health is the basic necessity of humans, a large part of the population visits the hospitals every day. The influx of such a massive number of visitors makes it very difficult to maintain all the records and information that can help. A whole career option is dedicated to this purpose, ensuring that the hospital never loses any crucial information. Today, we see extensive use of technology, but people should first get trained on how to leverage it for their benefits. Record administrators have all the skills to keep medical records and save the information in an easily accessible way.

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management

Diagnosis of the disease is only the start of the process, and reaching the cured phase requires many steps in between. The most apparent stage is administering drug dosages, and that is where pharmaceuticals come into play. Today, several companies provide the same drug with similar efficacies, so the market is up for many parties to grab. Marketing pharmaceutical products require information that one can only acquire through a dedicated degree. Since the same company has several products and clients, managing them all also requires a specialized skill set. Jobs in the pharmaceutical industry are very well paying, and they have a bright future.

Dietician and nutritionist

Most of the time, people’s health is directly related to what they have in their diet. Many people also have obesity, which they want to get rid of, so they need someone to devise a very elaborate diet plan. On the other hand, many people have diet-related complications such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, celiac diseases, irritable bowel syndrome. Their system can’t digest everything they eat, so they need nutritionists to provide them information about healthy alternatives. Researchers also believe that the quality of the diet helps you maintain good health for a longer time, and nutritionists provide this information. This profession is very high in demand as people nowadays are much more conscious about what they are eating.

Key Takeaways

As long as people need to maintain their health, they will always need the help of healthcare professionals. Today, healthcare is a very diversified sector with various kinds of specialists dealing with different aspects of the field. From nurses and administrators to doctors, without them, the healthcare sector cannot operate efficiently, or at all. Research and pharmaceuticals are also a primary requirement of the healthcare sector as medical science finds new ways to cure diseases. On the other hand, people with varying dietary requirements also require the help of experts to plan their diet plan. In a nutshell, the healthcare sector is not just limited to doctors but has a variety of choices for people who want to be associated with it.

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