Your Fingertips Say Interesting Things About Who You Are

Do you remember that neighbor I was telling you about? – She is really into this spiritual stuff. She is a very intuitive person.

I think she never spent a minute being nervous or angry in her life. And she has a really good sense of humor.

A week ago she decided to start doing cardio with me in the mornings. I was stretching out in my front yard when she passed by and said:

You know Joana, I think I will join you tomorrow.

This surprised me and I didn’t expect her to show up on my doorstep the morning after that.

Well, she came. She ran 1km, but that was an amazing start. Now I have a partner for my morning cardio.

I invited her today for a glass of fresh smoothie and I knew she will come up with something spiritual for me.

This time, the fingertips were her main topic. She said that your fingerprints hide a secret truth about your personality.

So, let’s see what she showed me.



These lines are really common for Europeans. Loops are calm and balanced people who are often compassionate and always want to help others.

It’s easy for them to make friends, but sometimes they feel afraid to work using only their initiative.

Loop people are very passionate about doing what they love. They usually “wear” their heart on their sleeves with everything they do.

What goes for work, if they find something that they didn’t like in a first place they will go on with it and be depressed as long as they find an alternative.



These people are extremely confident in everything they do. They are the energetic people in the whole surrounding. They enjoy art, good music and tend to express their feelings through their body language.

You have signs of being stubborn sometimes, but most of the times you are very nice to everyone.

You are an amazing person and very loyal. You will never give up on your friends.



If you have swirls on your fingers, you are the short-tempered. You know what it means.

Even when sometimes this is on your way to being more successful, you are a natural talent, good at reading people, and very adaptable. If you start a project and it comes out boring, you will transfer your energy on something else you love more.

You can be unstable at times, but you perfectly hide your feelings.

People agree that you have a complex personality. You are very good at surprising other people.

There you go. What’s your fingertip?

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