Working remotely saw a significant rise in the past year due to the effects of the pandemic. With the comfort, flexibility, and freedom that comes with remote jobs, more and more people are tilting towards the lifestyle of location independence work as digital nomads.

Life as a digital nomad is no new venture, and the digital nomadic lifestyle will inevitably be on the 20201 bucket list for many who haven’t jumped on the train already. To make things easier for both old and aspiring digital nomads, here is a list of crucial info that will help you make informed choices when starting or continuing working remotely as a digital nomad in 2021.

But first,

Who is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who fuses travel and work, using telecommunications technology to work remotely from whatever foreign destination they travel to. They generally live as a traditional nomad would – always on the go and traveling from one foreign land to another – only that theirs are a modernized nomadic lifestyle.

Digital nomads vary from financially independent people chasing adventures and retired/semi-retired individuals to entrepreneurs, young workers tired of their 9-5 physical jobs, and remote workers who pursue a location independent work life.

They target locations with quiet beaches, coffee shops, public libraries, and whatnot and see wireless internet connectives like strong WIFI connections, Smartphones, laptops, and likes as essential. 

Digital Nomadism in 2021 – things to note before traveling

As a digital nomad, traveling in 2021 may pose a little challenge due to travel restrictions and the fact that most countries do not yet understand this new craze.  This is why we have rounded up the most important things you need to know about digital nomadic traveling this New Year.

In no particular order,

  1. Digital nomad visa

Traveling with a digital nomad visa makes for a more comfortable life abroad. It’s better than using a tourist visa as you may decide to work longer than the tourist visa permits. Some countries like Mexico, Georgia, and Germany now issue digital nomad/freelancer visas.

  • Cheaper locations and lower living expenses

Digital nomads are advised to always have sufficient funds to fund their nomadic lifestyle. To spend less and get more for every cash spent, we recommend traveling and moving to cheaper locations with a lower cost of living.

  • Finding a community of fellow digital nomads

One major challenge of digital nomads is loneliness. Being a world traveler and always on the go may not give room for long-term commitments, the reason why, as a digital nomad, you should target locations with a growing community of fellow digital nomads. It’ll be fun having like-minds to share beautiful experiences and make long time memories with. 

  • Finding a balance between work and social life

While it’s fun traveling and experiencing new cultures and lifestyles, you should ensure that it doesn’t meddle with your work. Create time for socializing but keep strictly to your work schedule. 


Years ago, a book titled “The Digital Nomad” was released in 1997, predicting remote works as the future of employment, and this is not far from the truth as we see today.

As a digital nomad in this Millennium, stay on track by subscribing to an excellent Digital Nomad and World Traveler Blog that will keep you updated on the news, trends, and essential info on digital nomadism. It’s undoubtedly going to be one of the best decisions you ever made this New Year.

Photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

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