Women heart keys to take care of women’s heart health

In recent decades, women have been gaining ground in the universe of cardiovascular diseases. Until a while ago they were associated more with men since women are hormonally protected for the duration of their menstrual period. This is not a minor issue: 8 times more women die each year from cardiovascular disease than from breast cancer, something on which periodic control has already been installed. Many times, women, their environment and doctors themselves tend to minimize symptoms and not give it any importance, ignoring situations that taken in time offer a much better prognosis, that translates into high rates of female mortality due to cardiovascular causes, which largely they could have been avoided. Read this article to know how to care for a woman’s heart. Click here to know about first aid training online.

Address the symptoms

Many times, both women heart patients and the doctors themselves relativize symptoms without suspecting that they may face the presence of a heart attack. It is important that before certain symptoms think about the probability of a cardiovascular problem and immediately consult a heart doctor.  You should be ignorant of the symptoms even if the symptom may not seem that serious. Visit this site to know about first aid training online.

Seek help

When in doubt, it is always advisable to go to the doctor and rule out or treat any possible cardiovascular condition early. You should not wait until the symptoms are reversed, otherwise you may not be in the position to save your heart. That is why, going to the doctor for regular heart checkups is essential for women. It is always recommended to go for a regular full body check-up to get a sense of your current health condition.


From the age of 40, and even before if conditions such as cardiovascular disease occur in the family, specialists recommend periodically visiting your doctor and knowing and controlling the values ​​of cardiovascular risk factors, such as cholesterol, hypertension arterial or waist circumference, among others. Today there are many therapeutic alternatives to help fight these conditions, which if not controlled, significantly increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 

Decide to change

It is never too late to modify those habits that do not do us good health, such as smoking, being sedentary, or eating improperly. Any day is a good opportunity to make the decision to abandon unhealthy behaviors. 

Manage Stress

Today women are exposed to the same or a higher level of stress than men, due to their labor insertion and many times also maintaining their role and responsibility in household chores and in the care of their children. Increasingly, cardiovascular events are related to poor management of stress situations. Check This Out health to learn more about the option you should choose.

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