Why You Should Wear Magnetic Lashes

Are you looking for an alternative to typical magnetic false lashes or want a fresh new look? Try out magnetic lashes, a newer type of lashes that work just as well.

What are magnetic lashes?

Magnetic lashes might sound like a strange, futuristic product, but they’re actually quite useful and a great new addition to the makeup industry.

These lashes use a special eyeliner to apply them. Magnetic lashes come with eyeliner that contains magnetism, so they’re quite easy to apply and cheap to own. They’re fairly new to makeup users and you might be wary of trying these out, but there are many great reasons to own some.

Should I get magnetic lashes?

The short answer is yes! Buying some magnetic lashes would make a great addition to your collection and here’s why.

These lashes are very easy to apply and reapply over and over again. Because they require magnetic eyeliner to apply, you don’t have to worry about not being able to reuse your lashes due to wear and tear from eyelash glue.

They’re also really efficient when removing your makeup at the end of the day. Since there’s no need for glue, all you need to do is give your eyes a good wash after taking them off. It’s a lot less likely that you’d get materials in your eyes or stuck on your eyelids after a long day of use.

Owning magnetic lashes is also more financially beneficial than regular lashes. While using magnetic lashes, you’ll spend less money on glue and eyelashes themselves. Magnetic lashes can be used several times before they need ot be thrown away and, as long as you have magnetic eyeliner at your disposal, you won’t need to worry about running out of good lashes for a while!

Are magnetic lashes safe?

They are safe when used appropriately. If you decide to wear magnetic lashes every day, you might damage your natural lashes or get irritation.

If you’re eyes or eyelids become irritated or you develop an allergy to the product, you should stop using it immediately.

It’s important to take care of your natural lashes if you wear false lashes regularly. Wearing magnetic lashes often can make your eyelashes thinner or fall out and it can take a while for them to grow back to how they used to be. You should limit the amount of time you spend wearing false lashes, no matter what type you wear.

At the end of the day after you wash your face, put vaseline or lash serum on your eyelashes to help them regrow and stay healthy after long lash wear.

How do I find good magnetic lashes?

Finding the best magnetic eyelashes for you shouldn’t be difficult if you know what you’re looking for. If you take these factors into account when shopping, you should have little trouble buying good lashes for your next makeup look.

When browsing, you should consider what kind of look you’re going for and your eyebrow or eye shape. There are certain types of different looks and others unique to eye shape.

Decide if you want thicker lashes to make your eyes pop or subtle, thinner lashes if you have thick eyebrows. It’s all about trying to get the right look for you.

Many makeup retailers carry magnetic lashes in their inventories and there are several sites that sell exclusively magnetic lashes. Read some reviews and do some research before buying so you can be sure to enjoy and get your money’s worth from your new lashes.

Once you find magnetic lashes that work for you and look great, you can enjoy them for several uses!


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