13 Life Saving Eyeliner Charts For Mastering Makeup

Applying eyeliner and makeup will never be the same after this. Many people, including me, sometimes struggle when it comes to applying makeup and especially a perfect winged eyeliner.

Yes. It’s true. We have to admit it.

Not all of us are born with a talent to perfectly apply makeup. Sometimes I fear I will poke my eye with the applier.

But these tutorials really help. I found it easier to apply makeup after seeing and learning how to do some of these.

I already shared something like this previously and I received some interesting comments from you guys.

I’m a nutritionist, but I’m a woman, too. So, as always, I will share with you something I found interesting.

These makeup charts will change the way you apply makeup forever. You don’t have to be scared that you will mess something up after this.

They are perfect when you need them the most. That’s why you need to bookmark them and see if they are helpful for you, too.

Let’s go:

Contouring your eyes like a pro

Eyeliner Styles

Use gold eye shadow on your waterline

Smokey Eyes

Dark waterlines 101

Tightlining helps get rid of that awkward gap between your eyeliner and the lash line

Еasier way to get winged liner

Closeup female eye with beautiful fashion bright makeup

Use a kohl eyeliner and apply it to your eyelid. Then blend it with a makeup brush to create an easy smokey eye. 

Perfect eyeliner wings

Use bold colors to accentuate your eyeliner

The Line Savor

Make your eye look bigger

Amazing, huh?

You are welcome.

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Source: Diply

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