Why You Should Upgrade Salon Equipment Every 3-5 Years

Salon style is continually evolving and changing, and customers are more prone to visit a salon that keeps up with current tastes and trends. With the salon industry generating around $46 billion a year, you will need to make sure clients choose your business over all of their other choices. This means that updating your salon is a crucial part of maintaining and growing your business. Everything from the magazines in your waiting area to the paint on the walls will make an impression with your customers.

However, the most significant upgrade that you can make is to your equipment. With a busy shop that sees many clients each day, your equipment will start to show wear soon and will send the wrong message. So, how often should you update the salon? You should be investing in upgrades and changes to keep your business looking fresh every three to five years. Let’s discuss some needed upgrades that you can make to elevate your shop.

Change With the Times


As time passes by and customers stream in and out of your salon, things will eventually begin to wear down. Your once sparkling bright shop may be starting to dim. If this is the case, it is important that make some upgrades to keep your shop looking good and feeling like a place where your customers want to be. As with most things, your salon equipment was not made to last forever.

Salon equipment is normally built to last through some of the wear and tear of frequent use, but there comes a time when it is time to replace those old styling chairs and Formica styling stations. After a few years, you may start to notice that your styling chairs are ripped or the hydraulics are a little sticky and that you have some tape holding together the Formica on your styling stations. If this is the case, it’s time to make some changes.

After five years, even your equipment has been well cared for, it will show its age. If you and your staff see these things, you can bet that your clients also do. Aside from the need to replace pieces that have worn out, it is a guarantee that at some point your equipment will go out of style. Fashion changes nearly every minute of the day it seems like. What colors and styles that were the rave this summer will be a memory by the fall. Your salon will be no different.

If you want your shop to be progressive and send the right message to your clients, you have to stay ahead of the curve. Beauty equipment manufacturers strive to keep up with new style trends and fads. For instance, Formica styling stations are a thing of the past. Stone surfaces, concrete countertops, reclaimed wood, and stainless steel are trending now and are what customers are expecting to see. Your styling and barber chairs need to reflect the newest materials and colors for your shop to stay relevant.

Upgrade Your Salon


Once you have noticed the need for a change, the next step is deciding what to do. Changing your equipment no longer requires you to take a second mortgage on your house. You can take your time, shop around, and replace sections of your salon as you need it. You can look around for top brands and trends and then make decisions that are best for your salon. You know your clients and the area that you are in and can make changes that will fit your style and your business.

You can browse through different collections from companies like Keller for a barber chair that will set your salon apart. Affordable barber chairs and styling chairs are some of the most important upgrades that you can make. Other upgrades to your styling stations, mirrors, hairdryers, and other equipment need to be factored into your budget as well.

Making all of these changes may seem like a lot but will go a long way towards making your clients feel comfortable and ultimately generate more revenue for you.

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