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Do you want to grow your beauty salon business? Whether you are a skilled makeup artist, or an employee in a large spa; you will need the best salon software to help you manage your business.

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SalonLife has the best salon and spa management software features such as online booking, extensive record keeping, and social media integration. Also, you can access SalonLife from both your mobile and desktop devices. Here is a complete discussion of these features;

Scheduling is a Breeze with SalonLife

Typically, your appointment book forms the soul of your day to day salon operations. If you have a limited schedule and difficult to use salon appointment software, then you may fail in growing your client base.

You will need to eliminate the problem of missed appointments in your salon. Here is how scheduling is a breeze with SalonLife;

Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

Sometimes, your clients may cancel their appointments or one of their preferred stylists may not be available during a specific time. With the help of SalonLife, you can utilize drag-and-drop scheduling to fit in your clients in new time slots without tampering with their personal details.

This way, you can quickly reschedule your appointments without bothering your clients by asking for their personal details. SalonLife will enable you to utilize this drag-and-drop software both on your smart phone and PC.

Mobile Appointment Program Tracking

Would it be nice for your employees to wake up each morning and view all their schedules in one place? SalonLife has mobile appointment tracking features that will enable all your employees to know all their prospective clients beforehand so that they can organize their time well.  

Online Booking

SalonLife has premium features that will help your clients book online. For instance, you can have a customized website which you will use to insert an appointment plugin so that your customers can book through your website.

Moreover, with the help of SalonLife; you can install an online booking tab on your social media marketing handles such as Facebook and Instagram. These online booking features will help you avoid last minute glitches and over booking. This way, you will manage your hair salon business comfortably.

Automatic Text Messages and Emails

Perhaps, you have been manually calling your clients to remind them of their appointments. For example, if you have 30 clients in one day and each call takes about two minutes; then you will have wasted around 60 minutes in a single day on mobile phone calls.

SalonLife will help you save time since it will enable you to send automatic text messages and emails to your clients. This way, you will quickly remind them about their appointments and even reschedule them if they don’t honor them.


If you use the best salon software, you should be able to see all your schedules in one place. SalonLife has an online calendar that will enable you to schedule all your appointments, as well as well as determine all your working days and link all your equipment, rooms and services to avoid double booking.

Mobile Booking App

SalonLife can provide you with a mobile booking app that will make it easier for your clients to manage their schedules. You can customize this mobile booking app per your preferences.

Moreover, you can make your clients secure their online bookings with credit card payments so that they won’t miss their appointments. In case your clients miss their appointments, you can opt to charge them a small compensation fee.

Also, you can control which kind of services and which employees can be booked on your mobile hair stylist app. Furthermore, you can set the minimum notice period for all cancellations and bookings.

These Exquisite Point of Sale Features Will Make It Easier for you to Track Your Income

Of course, you should accept different forms of payment to avoid inconveniencing your clients. However, you should be clear on where and how you should accept these multiple forms of payment. Here are some of the salon POS software of SalonLife;

Desktop POS Hardware and Mobile Salon Software

Your clients should be able to pay with their credit cards at their work stations, or at the front office desk of your salon. Thanks to SalonLife, you will be able to know what works best for you and implement a suitable payment method per your preferences.

Account Balances for Your Clients

Typically, the best salon POS system will enable you to offer prepay options to your clients. SalonLife can help you view the account balances of your clients. This way, your clients can always leave some cash in their accounts either for themselves or for their family members and friends.

On-the-spot Upselling

Instead of your receptionists giving generic speeches to your clients, you should purchase a salon point of sale system that will enable you to provide customized upsell features to them based on their past preferences. This way, you will quickly attract new customers and even retain them.

Custom Coupons and Gift Cards

A hair salon POS system should enable you to create custom gift cards and coupons for your clients. SalonLife has exquisite features that will help you unleash your inner creative talents and create wonderful gift cards and coupons for your customers.

Check out These Client Management and Marketing Features of SalonLife

Have you always failed to retain all your clients? Check out these client management and marketing features that will make your clients keep coming back to your salon;

Reward Programs

You can set up a loyalty program to retain your clients. You can choose to reward your loyal customers with either points or free beauty services such as a body massage. Also, you can offer them discounted services so that they can keep visiting your salon.  


SalonLife will enable you to take before and after pictures of all your customers. You should save these pictures in their profiles so that your clients can see how you are making them beautiful. This way, you will retain them easily.

Image Libraries

SalonLife can help you build an impressive image library for your beauty hair salon. When you utilize SalonLife, you can quickly upload, store, and manage the best custom images for your salon. Furthermore, you can easily access these images and use them to market your salon business.

Email Marketing

SalonLife has email software templates that will enable you to send promotional emails to all your customers. You can use these email software templates to send targeted messages to your clients. For instance, you can inform them of a discounted service offer on their birthdays.

Client Profiles

SalonLife will enable you to create profiles of all your customers. You can utilize these profiles to make notes about the preferences of each client.

For instance, if your client likes a particular hair style; you can jot down that hair style on his or her profile. This way, they will still get impeccable service even if they are attended to by different salon technicians.

Digital Consultation Forms

You can always create digital consultation forms and allow your clients to fill them so that you can evaluate the quality of your salon’s services. SalonLife will enable you to create these forms.

In fact, SalonLife has a collection of templates which you can use to develop these consultation forms. You can store these forms in your clients’ profile, and also use them to market your hair salon and barber shop business.

Online Reviews

You can automate your SalonLife software so that you can get more positive reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. This way, you will quickly get referrals without putting in too much effort!

With the help of SalonLife, you can ask your clients to post feedback online on the quality of your services. You can then link this feedback to your salon website and appointment scheduling app so that new clients can quickly access your salon.

Social Media Integration

Utilizing social media marketing is the best way to grow your salon business. You can integrate SalonLife with your social media handles so that you can attract more clients. For instance, you can utilize Facebook pixel to create customized hair salon ads for a particular group of your customers such as those who haven’t visited your salon for a long period.

When you integrate SalonLife on your social media pages, you will be able to interact with all your current and prospective customers and get valuable feedback from them. SalonLife is compatible with almost all social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Google Analytics

Thanks to SalonLife, you can integrate Google Analytics on your booking pages so that you can know how many clients have visited your salon and where they come from. Also, you can know how much these bookings are worth and what kind of services they were for.

This information will make it possible for you to see which online promotions and campaigns have been successful. You will also understand more about your customers’ preferences and be able to provide them with customized discounted services.

SalonLife Has the Best Hair Salon Software Features

You should look for a salon software that will help you to manage your beauty salon effectively. SalonLife is the best hair salon software in the market today, because it has the best salon and spa management features. Here are some of these features;

Inventory Management

If you are looking for the best salon inventory software, then you should sign up to SalonLife. SalonLife will enable you to effectively monitor all the purchases of your clients, as well as quickly order for beauty products to replenish your supplies.

Product Reservations

Thanks to SalonLife, you will never over order or be deficient of your beauty products again. Also, you will be able to know when the demand of a particular product or service increases. This way, you will know exactly which products you should order.

Product Catalog

You must be always in the know of the latest beauty products and trends. Thanks to SalonLife, you will be able to know which beauty products your clients prefer, as well as keep an extensive catalog of them.

Scheduling and Payroll

Most salon owners usually find it difficult to come up with a schedule that will suit all their employees. With SalonLife, you can quickly create a permanent timetable which all your employees would like.

You can always use this permanent timetable, unless you intend to alter it in specific cases to accommodate your clients’ preferences. Also, SalonLife can enable you to track the payments of all your employees.

With SalonLife, you can quickly set up a commission and bonus system for your employees. This way, you will motivate them and they will work towards providing quality service to all your clients.

Security Features

Of course, you don’t want to lose any of your salon data, right!? SalonLife has premium security features that will prevent criminals from accessing any information which is related to your salon.

Also, SalonLife will enable all your employees to quickly log into it and access all their schedules, track records and payment information. SalonLife stores all your salon information in a central place which criminals can’t access.

Automatic Online Backup Systems

You should choose a hair salon application software that can automatically back-up all the data which you store inside it. SalonLife has an automatic online backup system which uses cloud storage that will keep all the information about your transaction history, and client profiles safe.

This way, you won’t constantly worry about losing your essential salon information. This will enable you to have peace of mind and manage your salon business comfortably.

Reporting Engine

SalonLife has an extensive record keeping mechanism. You can get over 60+ reports at SalonLife and even utilize its advanced features to customize these reports per your needs and preferences.

Moreover, these reports are usually presented in a fun and interesting way. If you use SalonLife, you won’t see the need of hiring accountants so that you can evaluate the progress of your salon business. Also, you will say goodbye to analyzing long, complicated, and dull spreadsheets.

Performance Dashboard

You can utilize SalonLife to track the performance records of all your employees. This way, you will quickly know the employees whom your clients prefer and those who are providing low quality services to your customers.

What Are the Benefits of SalonLife?

Most people believe that you need to put plenty of time and effort to grow your salon business. This belief is not true. If you have top rated salon software such as SalonLife, your business will grow quickly without putting in too much time. Here are some of the benefits of SalonLife;

SalonLife is a Time Saver

If you don’t have the best salon software, you can waste a lot of time due to inefficient salon and client management processes. For instance, your clients can miss their appointments but you will still have to pay your employees for the lost time.

Some of the features of SalonLife which will help you save time include automatic emails and text messages and online booking systems. If you save 30 minutes each day, you will end up having an extra working day every month; and you will be able to serve more clients and get more income within a short period.

Improved Customer Service

If you give your customers a wonderful experience at your salon, they will definitely come back for more. SalonLife will enable you to attract new customers as well as retain them.

For instance, your customers can quickly book their appointments online and you won’t have the problem of double booking. Also, you can store the details of all your clients in their personal profiles and use these details to send customized messages to them.

Good Record Keeping

Of course, you would want to know whether or not your salon business is growing. SalonLife can generate you with simple, easy to understand, and interesting reports on the progress of your salon.

For example, you will know how many bookings you have had in one month, which services were mostly preferred by your clients, and how each employee is doing. You can use this knowledge to improve your hair salon business.

Save Money

SalonLife can help you save money. Thanks to SalonLife, all your clients will honor their appointments and you can even charge them when they miss their appointments. Also, you will automatically make more profits when you constantly use SalonLife in your business.

Increased Sales

SalonLife has the best marketing software features that will help you increase sales. Some of these features include social media integration tools, Google Analytics, and automatic email templates.

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Get the Best Salon Software Today

There are many salon management software reviews online, and it can be hard to choose the best salon software. SalonLife has many premium features that will enable you to manage your spa and salon effectively. Call us today or sign up for a free trial.  

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