Why You Should Add Swimming To Your Workout Routine

Swimming is considered as a full body workout. It is also one of those exercises that relaxes you at the same time. Regardless of your age or physical condition, swimming is safe and doesn’t bring any added harm than other high-intensity exercises. Below, take a look at some of the benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you add swimming to your workout routine.

1.Weight Loss 

The calories burned swimming help with the weight loss journey. When you swim, you are using every part of your body. You are using the muscles and the heart for every motion and stroke that you make. The combined action of these body parts means you will be burning calories at a much faster rate, without putting much strain on the body. The number of calories you can burn through swimming depends on the frequency of the workout, your metabolism, weight, and swimming strokes. As said earlier, this is one of the few exercises that relaxes you as you burn calories. 

2.Improved Breathing

When you are swimming, you are taking a series of controlled and repeated breaths, while at the same time expanding your lungs. Swimming helps you breathe naturally—through your diaphragm rather than your lips. This is how breathing becomes part of your diaphragm, which is also referred to as the ‘breathing muscle.’

If you were to try and expand your breathing through your lips, then you would find that when you exhale, your lips would move back into position and block your breathing. However, when you breathe through your diaphragm, this action allows your lungs to expand fully without any blocking or constriction.

Daily stresses and distractions usually cause one to experience shallow breathing throughout the day. This means that the diaphragm and lungs aren’t exercised to full capacity. Including swimming to your workout routine means ensuring that your lungs and diaphragm remain in the best possible condition. 

3.Increased Stamina 

One of the main benefits that you will experience from deep breathing exercises is stamina. Stamina is built as you breathe deeply to maintain the speed required for different workouts. The more you work out, as well as practice the pace and breathing motions required, the higher your stamina becomes.  

4.Healthy Heart 

Your heart pumps blood to the different parts of your body. But, if you are not exercising regularly, then blood supply becomes depleted. By swimming, you can help your body to continue working at a high level, meaning your heart will pump efficiently. The ripple effect of an efficient heart is that your muscles enjoy oxygenated blood and become stronger. This will allow your muscles to keep working at a high level for a more extended period.

5.Muscle Strength

When you swim, you utilize various parts of your body, including your lungs, thighs, stomach, calves, back, and arms. By using different strokes, you can maximize the physical benefits. Additionally, changing rhythms helps to activate all of your muscles for maximum benefit. By kicking your heels and flexing your arms in front of you can tone up your arms and even stretch your calves.


There’s quite a number of reasons why you should add swimming to your workout routine. You will enjoy the process of burning calories, while experiencing the relaxing sensation of swimming. Your breathing will improve, and your stamina will increase. Your heart will also pump efficiently, and you’ll enjoy the increased muscle strength that comes with frequent swimming motions.

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