Fitness Psychology: How To Remain Motivated

Regular exercising offers a lot of advantages. Whether physical aspects such as losing weight, making bones stronger, increases endurance and fighting against several diseases.

But, solely exercise cannot provide you the desired outcomes. Proper diet is also essential, and individuals do it by eating foods low in carbohydrates, protein shakes, green superfoods, and healthy on-the-go foods.

Thus, exercising not only gives advantage physically but also through our mental health. Exercise can assist decrease the risk of getting depression, improve an individual’s mood, help remove anxiety, and improve self-esteem and confidence.

While there are several benefits of working out, it is giving to people, wanting to achieve all of these requires you to go to the gym. Also, you can even stay at home and spend time running on treadmills, lifting weights, and doing some planks and squats.

But, all these are easier said than done. In the process of aiming the benefits, you will experience being tired, and most especially laziness. There are days that you want to snooze your alarm, stay in bed, and do nothing at all. Some people also enroll in some fitness program and then quit. They stop when they get tired, or when people think they’re bored and did not appreciate it, or the outcomes may be too slow.

The tricky part of the workout is resisting every physical urge of doing nothing. Also,  to groggily take you to the fitness center, while attempting to balance the brain’s perspective, excuses to go back home and hibernate for another hour.

Moreover, the lack of time is also a point wherein an individual cannot do fitness exercises. Some consider that the absence of motivation causes poor compliance with getting fit. Seeking to boost motivation, you must first need to be particular about its significance to yourself. Also, there are types of motivation you need to consider as it will become an essential factor in attaining your objectives of fitness.


No one in their position likes to feel trapped or stagnant. An excellent motivator could be the urge for personal change and growth. If you have that motivation to improve yourself, you do not want to be too thin, overweight, or malnourished anymore.

Being ready and willing to change, you also have your goals of who you want to become, whether you like to be a dancer or a runner. It will become a self-fulfilling prophecy as you will turn into what you want to become!


Several studies show that social networks help motivate individuals to work out and maintain exercise habits. Maybe you want to catch a special someone at the gym, desiring to belong in a group who encourage fitness programs or even told by someone to be their partner while working out. These things may increase the fun. Individuals sometimes use other people’s affirmations to motivate more.

Social motives, particularly with a lot of social media platforms today, can be highly efficient to a lot of people. As you can see someone posting pictures having your ideal fitness body, your urge to exercise more increases.  Thus, in result, you will become more motivated to ignore your bodily calls in becoming lazy.

Considering to join exercise classes is also a way to help you more motivated, as well as you will develop camaraderie with peers.


With the desire for achievement, you have within yourself a unique need for challenging objectives to set and achieve. Individuals motivated by accomplishments want to enhance their skills and demonstrate their abilities to others, as well as themselves.

Your goals can be an inner willingness to seek personal achievement or to seek positive feedback or appreciation from other people. Having these aims allow people to motivate through the success they are looking in the future changes.


Driven by this motivation for power, it implies that you want to govern your life. Individuals must evaluate the results as you focus on achieving those results by yourself in the end. You need to more likely set smaller yet attainable goals, to fulfill your desire of controlling your own. Setting the objectives that are achievable and realistic will assist you in aiming for success.

While understanding the types of motivation, gaining insights about maintaining motivation within yourself is also an effective way of accomplishing your fitness dreams.

  • Consider a fitness buddy. A workout partner is a brilliant way to maintain exercising with motivation until you reach your goals. Study shows that being with others, which encourages us, we became more driven to work things out. You can go with someone or with a group wherein you have the same fitness goals and at the same schedule.

Having anybody getting workouts next to you can fire up endorphins, and light a competitive urge to get in you in the proper way of being fit.

  • Get things fun. Find activities and events that you think are enjoying, and then you can change the routine to maintain it fascinating.

Adding some thrill and fun can motivate individuals as well as people tend to exercise more efficiently. Do what you love, work out with a friend, enjoy the process, and acknowledge your success.

  • Be versatile. Take a day off if your schedule is too hectic to work out or your body does not feel like doing some exercises. Be mindful about yourself if it tells you it needs a break. The essential part is to get back on course as quickly as possible, or when you have gained strength again.
  • Reward yourself. One of the many things to keep you motivated is rewarding yourself. Whether it may be internal, wherein you can savor all good feelings after work out sessions. This award may also be through external. You can treat yourself to new gym outfits, shoes, or even a good meal at any restaurant you like as long as it is in moderation.

Fitness is known as being physically as well as emotionally fit and healthy,  is also a way of taking care of your own body. In the process of getting fit, it requires difficult decision-making, effort, as well as it needs a lot of motivation to stay active.

Moreover, motivation may come in different perspectives for every individual. Choosing your own can guide you to achieve your goals for fitness.

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