Why Washing the Chicken Before Cooking it is a Bad Idea?

Those who love cooking are probably confused by the title. It’s because the raw chicken is surrounded with harmful bacteria you need to wash off.

I totally agree with you. This post caught me off guard, as well.

It seems that by washing the chicken, we transfer the bacteria on us and all over the place.

Experts warned about this, and they say it could lead to endangering our health and kill us.

How Washing Raw Chicken Could Kill Me?

A study from the Drexel University says that the harmful bacteria from the chicken spreads around the meat and attaches to a clean and healthy surface.

The head of this study, Jennifer Quinlan, says that the water won’t kill or get rid of the bacteria. There is a big chance it will spray the bacteria,

It’s a process of aerosolization and leaves your kitchen something like this.


You’ve probably heard that there is a bacteria called listeria living on chicken. It’s in abundance and can kill you.

If listeria goes into your bloodstream, the chances are 1 in 5 that you could end up dying. Children are exposed to even bigger risk with their weaker immune system.

“Luckily” you can survive the chicken bacteria. However, it doesn’t mean that the risk is gone.

Meat campylobacter. It’s another germ “living” on raw chicken. It’s a common cause of food poisoning that could lead to dehydration, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.

Another bacteria you can be exposed to is Salmonella. Dr. Quinlan says that we can assume that you are going to be exposed to the bacteria that causes reactive arthritis, dehydration, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Okay, Now I’m Scared. How to Handle the Bacteria if Not Washing it Off?

If you read the study, Dr. Quinlan says that you are better off avoiding to washing the chicken.

It doesn’t mean that you are leaving the bacteria to kill you. In fact, cooking the chicken to a temperature of 165°F you are going to be fine.

The bacteria won’t be able to survive that internal temperature.

Just to be sure you’ve handled it well, you can clean the surface that came into contact with the chicken. Keep it away from other foods.

Here is a video made by Dr. Quinlan that will tell you to stay away from washing our chicken.

That should do it.

I hope you can see why washing the chicken before cooking it is a bad idea.

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