Why Moms are Turning to Formula

Motherhood is hard. There is no denying the demands and expectations placed on women to juggle all that life throws at them with a smile on their faces. One criticism women are met with is how they choose to feed their babies. Milk Drunk is dedicated to shifting the feeding culture in the US so that parents aren’t judged by how their baby is fed and proclaim that a fed baby is a happy baby. 

The emotional and physical challenges of parenthood, while juggling work, family, while nursing, is a daunting task to any new mother. When it comes to your sanity or a breastfed baby, there is nothing wrong with picking your sanity. Your baby wants a happy parent, and if that means using formula to maintain the juggle of motherhood, then that is okay. 

The shame and stigma can make parents feel like failures because they could not keep all the balls in the air. That shame is not the parents’ burden but a burden created in the culture of feeding in the US. 

Breast Milk is No Longer the Only Option

83% of U.S. parents will turn to formula because, for many parents, breastfeeding is not an option. With so many parents feeling ashamed and quietly shifting to other feeding options, it is impractical that a safe, organic option was not available. bobbie allows for those who cannot exclusively provide breastmilk to their baby to have an option they can trust and know their baby is getting the nutrients they need. 

Because this formula is designed to give your baby all the goodness they need, parents can rest assured that they can have milk drunk babies! 

Which is the best formula for your baby?

With so many opinions and choices, it can be challenging to find the best formula for your baby. Why not an organic option? Bobbie is an organic formula that is a milk-based powder with iron. Aside from being USDA organic, so no GMOs, pesticides, or fertilizers, it is packed with nutrients for your growing baby. Nutrients like DHS Omega-3s, essential fatty acids (like those found in breastmilk), whey protein for easy digestion.

This U.S. company knows babies and motherhood. Being founded by a mom, bobbie has a team of scientists and experts to meet the needs of parents who struggle to breastfeed exclusively. 

Move Aside Mommy Guilt!

Embrace your feeding journey. 

Every pregnancy, birth, and baby is different. So when breastmilk is not an option, choose the best formula for your baby. It can be overwhelming to new parents when deciding what formulas work best for their baby. Mommy guilt is real, and it can be an overwhelming fixture when making decisions on how your baby is fed. 

This is in part due to the culture of feeding in the US. Parenting is hard enough, don’t let other opinions further your mommy guilt. Milk Drunk is working to shift the conversation and destigmatize the formula. 

Changing the feeding culture is no easy task, and they are turning their words into action by creating an organic milk-based formula. With so many parents on their feeding journey and feeling the guilt of feeding their baby with formula, it is time to move away from comparison and embrace the journey.

When deciding what the best choice is to ensure your baby is happy and fed, choose an option your parenting gut can trust! An opportunity made by fellow parents.

Parenting is hard, but you got this!

Parents want the best for their baby. That is simple. Regardless of where your feeding journey leads you, the ultimate goal is universal: to have a well-fed, milk-drunk baby.