How To Keep Your Baby Happy and Healthy

The miracle of life. Welcoming your newborn into the world is one of the most magical moments any person can experience. Words never do it justice on how truly special the experience is.

But with welcoming a baby into the world comes the highest level of responsibility, in which it is now your responsibility to ensure that your child lives a happy and healthy life.

From the get-go, your baby is vulnerable to literally everything on earth, which is why developing a strong immune system will be their best bet at staying healthy and having a chance to fight off those nasty germs and bacteria. But while that immune system grows strong, they will be susceptible to a range of health threats that you will need to take additional measures to protect them from.

So where does a parent even start? How can you protect your baby from all the potential threats of the world?

That is why we have collected the top tips from experts to help you game plan on how to keep your baby happy and healthy—because they deserve it!

Here are our top tips on how to keep your precious little one giggle, smiling, and healthy!

1. Get them vaccinated

This one is a bit more controversial as many parents are against vaccination. However, there are a range of key vaccines that are proven to help protect them from some of the most dangerous viruses like Hepatitis B. It is always best to have a discussion with your pediatrician to decide what vaccines your baby should get and create a schedule so they can always stay up to date with their jabs.

2. Dress them in layers

Babies always need a few more layers than grown-ups do. This will not only help them feel nice and snuggly wherever you bring them but also prevents them from becoming vulnerable to a range of illnesses like a cold. However, don’t overdo it with the layers, as too many will cause them to overheat and become dehydrated! The goal with dressing your baby in layers is that they are easy to add on or take off in a few short seconds so they are always comfortable.

3. Wash their hands for them

Especially while they are young, take the extra effort to always help them wash their hands. Babies love to touch everything in sight, including their mouth! So getting into the habit of washing their hands multiple times a day will help eliminate any potentially threatening germs they have come into contact with.

4. Feed your baby with nutrients

The decision to breastfeed or not is a personal one. If for any reason a mother decides that breastfeeding is not a viable option, then looking for a quality baby formula is key. The best ones to choose from are the organic ones that have simple and natural ingredients, like the Bobbie infant formula. That way parents can rest assured that their baby is getting all the necessary nutrients while equally not being exposed to any potentially harmful ingredients found in some standard formulas.

5. Make water fun

Staying hydrated is super important for living a healthy and happy life. So get your baby into drinking lots of water from the get-go. A great way to know if your baby is in fact hydrated enough is that you need to change their diapers at least six times a day. Otherwise, try finding ways to get them to drink more water throughout the day.

6. Get them outside

Being outdoors in the sunshine is one of the most healthy things you can do for your baby. Not only will the exposure to vitamin D enhance their wellbeing, but the fresh air will liven their spirits. Plus, it will help them learn to love being outside so that when they are older they will be inclined to choose the park over video games. But regardless of what age your child is, make sure they wear that sunscreen!

7. Brush those pearly whites

Even though babies will end up losing their teeth before their permanent ones grow in, brushing their teeth from the start is very important for their oral health! Not only will it help keep their gums healthy, but will give them healthy habits to take into their childhood and adult years. So as soon as the teeth start popping in, get to brushing them!

These seven tips will help your baby live a healthy and happy life well into adulthood, with lots of smiles and laughs to be shared with you and your little loved one.  

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