Why Moms Are Turning to DIY For Their Baby Clothes

Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of your new baby or just looking for eco-friendly crafts, making your own baby clothes are the perfect way to give something special to your bundle of joy. Mothers are looking for safer options to provide only the best clothing material to their babies to prevent the little ones against suffering from skin allergies. Coming into direct contact with materials like polyester and rayon have been linked to allergies, such as atopic eczema, in children as early four months old.

In fact, even “natural, chemical-free” baby wipes can lead to an allergic reaction if it is proven to be harsh to a baby’s skin. This skin allergy can develop within minutes to hours of exposure. So, what can mothers do keep their child rash-free and in style? DIY baby clothes are super easy to make and also better for their skin.

Safer Materials for Baby’s Skin

No one else knows or understands your baby’s physical characteristics better than you. Whenever her skin gets irritated by the clothes she just wore, or perhaps after covering her up with an “itchy” blanket, it’s always you who finds out first. This then gives you an idea about the type of fabric and material that creates an allergic reaction on her skin. If you’ve already sewn your child their first garments or blankets, you will already have an idea of which fabrics would irritate the skin. Going through the process of selection may require a bit of time and effort, but reducing the risk of allergic rashes will be worth it in the long run.

Creating the Perfect Fit 

You might have already thought of altering your baby’s clothing because of how it fits or simply want to upgrade it. This is why the number of mothers opting to make their baby’s clothes continues to rise. Not to mention, fire-safe fabrics that are fitted are found to prevent hazardous risks, especially in the event of a fire. Research by the Natural Safety Council has also linked some of the common fabric chemicals to health problems, including delayed mental and physical development, poor memory, and thyroid issues. By using a sewing machine and creating your own baby clothes, you can mix and match different colors and patterns that you can’t find anywhere else – and keep your child safe!

Sewing your baby’s clothing may be the best thing that you can do to ensure that she wears quality fabrics without the worries of irritating her skin. By customizing the measurements and design, you can create it in a way that will be very comfortable for your little one.

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