Why Chicken with White Striping Are Dangerous?

The white striping on the chicken seemed okay until I found this on the Internet.

We are all eating meat like never before. Americans enjoy their chicken as the best source of lean protein without fat. There is one concern that raises questions.

The first question that comes to my mind is how farmers manage to supply the significant demand for chicken?

There are millions of farms in the US, but something fishy is going on. I can feel it.

There is a new campaign video by the Compassion in World Farming that wants to educate people on what the white striping mean.

If you dig deeper, you are going to find that the chicken breast you eat once was a part of a chicken that was suffering from a muscle disorder.

This disease is called “White Striping.”

The important thing about it that they are not dangerous, but tells us everything about the condition the chicken was raised in.

According to a study, white stripping makes the meat poor. It lowers the quality of the nutrients and increases the fat content by 224%.

White Striping

The National Chicken Council came out with something frightening. To make the chicken “ready” to go under the knife, it needs to get over 6 pounds in 47 days.

Back in the days, the natural process of gaining weight was 70 days for the chicken to reach half of this weight.

See the difference? I think I do.

I’ll say it again. The chicken meat of this kind is safe for consumption. I bet that 90% of the chicken now available in all markets have these white parts on the breasts.

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One fan fact, Chipotle, and Panera made a pledge to start using slower-growing chicken.

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