Why All Natural Treats Are Better For Your Pet

Natural treats are a priority these days for most pet owners. With the help of reliable online resources, awareness has spread about the risks of artificially-made treats. If you’ve been buying commercial treats for your furry companion, it might be time to switch to natural treats as a safe and healthy alternative.  

For some, choosing natural treats for their pet might involve a certain degree of compromise, but it does not have to. There are natural treats that are not only tasty but also beneficial for your pet’s health. 

Natural treats are typically rich in components derived from natural or organic sources and do not contain any artificial additives, preservatives, and chemicals. Go for treats that boast good combinations of superior-quality meats, vegetables, and mild grains that your pets will genuinely enjoy without any adverse after-effects.   

Continue reading to find out why natural treats are better for your pet.  

1.Wholesome Nutrition  

All-natural dog treats include top-quality ingredients. Often, the packaging can provide you with a hint on the precise constitution of the treat. Today, you can find a good selection of brands that offer natural treats in pet stores and online such as Stella & Chewy’s Canada.   

While you’re scanning through the list of components, check out the type of meats. The natural treats might state beef, chicken, or other type of meat. In contrast, artificial or low-quality treats often state ‘meat and animal derivatives,’ which means any part of any animal, including feathers and fur. Natural treats are usually made from one product, without any add-ons.   

2.Boosting Appearance And Brain Health  

When you provide your pets with mediocre treats, it will later on manifest as health conditions. Dyes, synthetic preservatives, and genetically-modified ingredients can significantly affect your pet’s external appearance. Some of the usual effects of artificial treats include itchy ears, skin rashes, over-shedding, and a dull coat. Natural treats that contain salmon or coconut oil can boost brain function and promote a healthier coat.   

3.Non-Fattening And Weight Control 

All-natural treats contain fewer calories and less fattening components compared to artificial treats. Treats that contain natural ingredients can provide your pet with more nutrition. Since they don’t include additives and filler content, providing a few treats will keep them satisfied. At the same time, they help keep your pet’s weight under control while still allowing them to enjoy their favorite treats.   

Natural treats are rich in protein, and minimal fat can help your pet lose weight without taking away their favorite rewards.  

4.Good For Digestion  

Your pet can also end up with allergies and intolerance to certain ingredients. Once you decide to switch to all-natural treats, it can lower the chances of inflammation and reduce the severity of allergic reactions.   

Treats that contain natural or organic ingredients are easier to digest and gentler on the stomach. The superior ingredients mean less waste as your pet’s body utilizes more of the matter, while ensuring their wastes are less smelly.  

5.Better Dental Health  

When you provide your pet with natural treats that don’t contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives, it will benefit their oral health and help maintain healthy gums and teeth.  

Aside from brushing your pet’s teeth regularly, you can provide treats, especially for dental health. Treats such as bully sticks are natural with a chewy consistency. These treats are also packed with minerals such as phosphorus and calcium to promote healthy and strong teeth.   

6.Free From Hormones  

Artificial treats might also contain hormones that are detrimental to your pet’s health in the long run. These low-quality treats contain animal-based ingredients that contain hormones and antibiotics. When pets consume these treats, they establish immunity to antibiotics, while the hormones can lead to hyperactivity that results in various health issues over time. 

By choosing natural treats usually made from the meat of free-range animals that don’t undergo hormone treatment and antibiotics, you’re making a good choice that’s beneficial to your pet’s overall health.

7.Better Immunity  

Natural treats can improve your pet’s immune system, especially the protein content. Remember that all-natural treats for pets are good sources of superior protein. When looking for a treat, always check the ingredients to find out the type of proteins included. Make sure that the treats you will buy contain pure meats and meat meals. 

Choosing Natural Treats For Your Pet

Always remember that the food you give to your pet directly affects overall appearance, behavior, and how they feel. Providing all-natural treats also contributes to healthy and shiny fur, better energy levels, stronger immunity, and well-maintained weight to increase their life expectancy.   

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