Why Agape Diamonds Continues To Pioneer The Industry

The diamond industry is a fascinating one. With synthetic diamonds coming on leaps in recent years over the dated cubic zirconia copies of yesteryear, diamond firms like Agape quickly become leaders of the pack for their proprietary methods and fantastic track record.

A Somewhat Torrid Past


The truth is that the diamond trade is a complex one. It involves significant attention to sustainability and conflict-free procurement methods, but this wasn’t always the case. In decades past, conflict diamonds fueled all sorts of pain in the far-flung corners of the world. Diamond buyers were none the wiser, and the cycle of misery continued uninterrupted so long as engagement rings and necklaces that contained beautiful stones continued to roll out of showrooms and into personal jewelry collections.

Buyers today are far more conscious of the provenance of a stone, and sellers are constantly on the hunt for conflict-free diamonds to minimize their impact on the continued practice of selling illegally sourced stones to unsuspecting clients.

While sellers and buyers alike are far more knowledgeable these days about the history of stones and the processes that must be followed to ensure the ethical sourcing of a fabulous diamond, there are several alternatives that buyers can tap into. Agape Diamonds fits this mold perfectly. Agape is an industry-leading diamond firm that sells natural diamonds (those mined from the Earth) and perfect lab-grown and synthetic specimens. Pioneering in the industry is just one aspect of Agape Diamonds’ role in the continually evolving jewelry space.

The New Way Forward


Rather than relying solely upon the mines in Congo or Canada, Agape Diamonds and other suppliers have taken to the market for lab-grown diamonds. Agape Diamonds is an industry leader in this regard. With state-of-the-art facilities and a perfected process for crafting these precious gemstones (including moissanite stones that share many of the properties of diamond jewelry), Agape is a frontrunner for any engagement ring or diamond jewelry need.

The market is essentially made up of three different high-end product categories. Lab-grown diamonds share the same chemical and crystalline properties of a natural, mined stone. These are identical and are true diamonds in their own right. Lab grown diamonds are formulaic, though. This means that a larger or less included stone can be reliably produced and sold at a lower price point. Aside from their beauty and social status, the primary facet that makes diamond jewelry so expensive is the finite commodity status that these minerals enjoy. There are only so many diamonds in the dirt.

With the lab-grown variety, stones that meet your exacting needs as a consumer can be procured at a great price reduction. Furthermore, by removing the uncertainty of origin, lab-grown diamonds eliminate the human toll that has plagued the industry in its past.

In addition to these chemically identical options, consumers can also choose to purchase synthetic diamonds. These are more akin to a CZ (or cubic zirconia, the most well-known diamond impersonation on the market). Technology has come a long way, and Agape Diamonds has perfected the art of creating synthetic diamonds that are nearly impossible to pick out of a lineup. They even claim that many jewelers can’t reliably identify an Agape synthetic by eye!

Synthetic diamonds offer an even steeper discount on price over their competitors. These make them financially friendly options for buyers as well.

No matter what type of diamond you have your heart set on for your next jewelry purchase, make sure you make it an Agape diamond for the best service and security in knowing that you’ve made an intelligent and ethical choice.