What Diamond Shape Do Women Prefer?

When it comes to picking out an engagement ring, there are several things to consider aside from the price, including the preferred size of the diamond and the wearer’s personal style. These two factors will weigh heavily into the decision of which diamond shape will ultimately adorn your finger. Do you prefer classic and timeless, or modern and funky? Do you want a ring that will catch the light at every moment or a ring that will showcase your unique personality?

The majority of women opt for the round-shaped diamond. The round diamond is the quintessential classic engagement ring, with a timeless style that appeals to a wide variety of personalities and styles. Round cut diamonds have the most facets cut into them, which provides ample opportunity for you to wiggle your fingers and catch brilliant rays of light even in the most dimly lit rooms. With nearly 60% of newly engaged women choosing this shape, most retailers will offer round cut diamonds in a variety of sizes and settings so that this classic shape can be tailored to each person’s unique style.

However, there are a number of other styles that appeal to the discerning engagement shopper, and each style comes with its own unique characteristics:

  • The princess cut, known widely as the square-shaped diamond, is another classic style given its standard shape. It provides clean lines and offers a more modern option over the round cut diamond.
  • The cushion-cut marries the best aspects of the round cut and princess cut; it’s a square shape with rounded corners, and has a similar cut pattern to the round diamond, giving it a comparable level of brilliance when it catches the light. It’s a good option for those seeking the elegance of the round cut but doesn’t want their ring to look like the majority of rings out there.
  • The emerald cut is easily recognizable for its distinctive rectangular shape. It’s a classic style with a modern flair; two smaller emerald-cut diamonds set on either side of the center stone give it an extravagant feel.
  • Asscher cut is a blend of the princess cut and emerald cut – it’s the square cousin of the rectangular emerald. It is straightforward and sophisticated and appeals to those who appreciate antique jewelry.
  • The oval cut has experienced an increase in popularity in recent years, perhaps due to its influence among celebrities. It maintains the elegance of the round cut but elongates it, giving the stone a larger surface area while maintaining the classic, smooth edges.
  • Rings with the tear-shaped pear cut are eye-catching due to their unique shape. These diamonds have a vintage feel and pair well with other non-traditional jewelry.
  • Perhaps the most polarizing style? The heart shape. While some love the romance associated with the heart shape (imagine getting married on Valentine’s Day with a diamond heart!), others find it a bit too trendy or drifting too far from the more classic shapes. One thing to consider is that heart shape rings tend to be a bit less expensive, which means you could get a larger center stone for roughly the same price as a smaller diamond of a different cut. pear shaped engagement rings will also likely to appeal to those who enjoy a more unique style, as they aren’t commonly seen and are sure to attract some attention.

Ultimately, the diamond shape you choose for your engagement ring should be a reflection of your own personal style. If the ring you’ve chosen brings you joy and represents the love between you and your partner, it was the perfect pick.


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