Where To Apply Eye Cream So that It Actually Works

Many people are under the impression that applying eye cream is as easy as putting a few dabs around the eye and rubbing it in. To maximize the benefits of the eye cream, you must apply in specific areas around the eye. When applied correctly, the cream will firm up the skin around the eye. Below, you will discover a list of areas where the eye cream should be applied to achieve the best results but make sure always use the best eye creams.

Around The Orbital Socket

It is crucial to apply the eye cream around the orbital socket. This is the bone that surrounds the eye. Apply small dots of the cream along the orbital bone and gently rub it in, moving from the inner area to the outer corner. Be careful to not rub too roughly because the skin around the eye is very sensitive.

Avoid Applying Too Much Pressure

A common mistake that people make when applying eye cream is applying too much pressure to the area around the eye. The more pressure applied, the higher the risk for wrinkles to develop in that area. This is why it is recommended to utilize your ring or pinky finger to smooth the eye cream into the skin. Also, do not tug on the skin because this will also lead to wrinkles.

Don’t Use At Night

Most individuals like to apply face cream at night. They will apply the cream, let it soak overnight, and hopefully wake up with a youthful-looking complexion. Unfortunately, this is a bad idea. The reason it is a bad idea is that the eye cream can actually slope into the eye during the night. This is especially true for those individuals that sleep on their backs. So, if you wake up with swollen eyes don’t just assume that you are allergic to the product. It could very well be that some seeped into your eye during the wee hours of the night. If you’re going to be using eye cream to reduce the appearance of dark circles, you should use it earlier in the day.

Use The Wedding Finger

When most people apply eye cream their eyes squeeze some out into the palms, rub it together, and apply it to the face or use the fingertips. There is nothing wrong with these methods and they will work. Unfortunately, they just aren’t as effective? Why is this the case? The wedding finger has less muscle when compared to the other fingers and is all-around more flexible. This means that during the application process there will be a lot less pressure, which is always an excellent thing. To take advantage of this method all you have to do is squeeze out a penny-size amount of eye cream into one of your palms. Then take your wedding or ring finger and dip it in the eye cream and apply, making sure that you start at the outer corner of the eye and work your way around.

Avoid Too Close To Eye

Most people know that they should always avoid placing eye cream in the eye or near it. However, most people don’t understand why. Well, when eye cream warms due to acclimation of body temperature it is going to cause the cream to spread. If it is already too close to the eye it is going to cause the cream to spread towards the eye and potentially cause damage. Just keep in mind that it might take about an hour or two for the product to adjust to the body temperature, but it will eventually adjust and spread.

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