5 most harmful chemicals to avoid when buying skincare products – and 1 new product that bucks this trend

Everyday skincare products contain many ingredients, some of which may be harmful to your skin. Today, many people use self-tanners and have realized that several of these products include scores of toxic ingredients that do not agree with the body’s largest organ. 

Kaitlin Polk, the Founder of Naru Organics, has dedicated years of research and effort to providing healthy, safe skincare products that do not contain harmful ingredients. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what to look for, so here is a list of the 5 most toxic chemicals to avoid: 


Sulphates are used in many products, from cleansing gels to shampoos. The squeaky-clean feeling that they induce deceives people to trust in their effectiveness. However, sulphates remove healthy oils from your skin and hair, leaving you with dry and irritated skin. The hydrolipidic film (moisture barrier) on your skin and scalp is important, and sulphates can damage this essential barrier. Naru Organics recommends that you look for products that do not contain sulphates. 


Parabens are found in products like lotions, soaps, and makeup. The use of parabens is to keep your skincare products germ-free. However, this ingredient has been found to cause an increase in estrogen production. According to Kaitlin, safe skincare products should not contain parabens as they can interfere with brain and reproductive functions. 


Found in lotions, perfumes, nail polishes, and many other skincare products, phthalates are salts that enhance the spreadability of a product. Unfortunately, this ingredient contains developmental toxins and can also lead to reproductive issues. 


Though it is an effective microbe, this ingredient irritates the skin and could disrupt the endocrine system. Naru Organics points out that triclosan might cause tumor growth and gut inflammation. It is mainly used in antibacterial soaps, deodorants, and toothpaste tubes. 


Synthetic fragrances can irritate your skin and lead to conditions such as eczema. That is why Naru Organics produces products with fragrance from naturally derived ingredients, and free of perfumes and dyes. This is greatly appreciated by those who suffer from numerous allergies.

Naru Organics takes great pride in its self-tanning lotion made from non-toxic ingredients. On that note, the ingredients you should look for include sweet almond oil, Tsubaki oil, calendula extract, and meadowfoam seed oil, all of which are great for the skin. These ingredients are contained in Naru Organics products, which are designed to have labels packed with helpful rather than harmful substances to nurture the skin you’re in.