What’s Your Personality According to the Chinese Zodiac?

It’s my first meet up with the Chinese Zodiac.

I have a Chinese colleague at work that always share some thoughts from the Chinese culture with me while we are at a break in the cafeteria.

Today I found her worried in the conference room. She didn’t even notice me around there. When I asked her what’s going on if she is mad at me for something, she said something about the weekly Chinese zodiac.

I wanted to know more about that, and she explained to me everything. It was a lot to process at the moment, and I decided to explore more about it.

Just for the record, it is the first time I’m getting so interested in Chinese zodiac signs. I guess the Chinese culture is fascinating for me. They always have something different than our culture, which makes them attractive.

Plus, their natural medicine is excellent.

Going through experience-based blog posts, I came to this: The Chinese Zodiac.

I know you want to read about personalities and stuff, and I thought why not sharing it with you, right?

It hides kind of interesting things about you. I should warn you, though. They have different zodiac signs then the rest of the world.

Here is the chart:


Here goes the personality:

Year of the Rat

The successful individuals who are charming enough to handle social situations with ease. They are quick-tempered and extremely critical. You won’t want to mess with them if you are not ready to hear the truth.

Their imagination helps them get through situations that require unique intellectual abilities. Their eyes can see opportunities even when the others are missing them. However, these opportunities are not always the best thing for them.

They are generous, passionate, and value every relationship they have a love and business base.

Year of the Ox

Have you heard the expression “Strong as an Ox”? People born in the year of the ox are just like that. They have an ability to face and manage all circumstances that could come to their table.

They handle responsibilities on time, and that’s how they earn their trust, respect, and confidence from others.

On the other side, protecting their beliefs and interests could go off limits. They are too demanding when it comes to finishing something they think it would be a perfect gain. Their sense of duty could affect their personal life, which is very stable.

Ox people are faithful to their partners and families.

Year of the Tiger

Individuals born in the year of the tiger are the lovers. Their emotions are everything and make them excellent partners. They are the balance seekers with a competitive spirit to find and satisfy their need for love. Their confidence and passion drive them securely to every relationship while expecting the same in return.

Everything mentioned above could hurt their feelings sometimes that will shake them up, but they have the ability to bounce back effectively from any negative situation.

They have the courageous spirit to face every challenge that comes in their way, which makes them great leaders.

Year of the Rabbit

Rabbit people are polite, pleasant, and affectionate. Whenever a dispute or some negative situation occurs, they are willing to excuse themselves out of there. They are friendly people to be around, but sometimes they forget about the valued things around them, unintentionally, of course.

They are easily distracted by fun, but they are quiet, conservative, and intellectual by nature.

Year of the Dragon

As you guessed, people born in the year of the dragon are firing with energy. You thought I would say something else, didn’t you?

They are very talented and tend to keep pushing forward until they achieve their goal. These people are all around us. They can be loud and often follow their path not listening to what others say about the final goal.

Dragons are inclined toward success, and they challenge every situation that will give them the opportunity to use their energy and talent in full.

However, they are not so professional when it comes to committed relationships.

Year of the Snake

People born in this year are full of great wisdom. They are blessed as profound thinkers and work in secret to achieve their goals without anyone around them realizing it.

These individuals are charming and romantic in their relationships. However, they are prone to jealousy that leads to being alone most of the time.

Year of the Horse

“Works like a Horse” now has its place in the world. It’s true. The Chinese zodiac cherishes their effort to get on the bottom of every work they take. They will gladly commit to success and hard work unless they think the work is not for them.

Horses accept challenges, but their emotions could get the best of their temper out as they could “explode” and be impulsive especially when in love.

They are not good team players since they want to work alone. On the other hand, their excellent verbal skills make them great in handling social occurrences.

They enjoy the popularity.

Year of the Ram

The likable and charming people who are socially gracious. People born in this year are sensitive, kind, and sympathetic. They enjoy good art, amazing culture, and don’t hide their love for nature. It’s what fuels their creative life.

On the other side, they can feel discomfort physically and often complain about it. Their weak side is prone to pessimism.

As long as they feel they are secure in the love and business relationships, they feel fulfilled.

Year of the Monkey

People born in this year are very energetic. They are like magnets among the crowds. They have the talent to turn every situation into a humorous one.

On the other hand, some people see them as the primary suspects for not trusting them because all they do is make a joke out of a serious situation.

They are restless and might find it very hard to choose careers. However, they can be successful in every environment that thrive on changing the dynamics of a relationship.

Year of the Rooster

When it comes to work, they have a great sense of what they suppose to do in a given situation. They are not afraid to express their opinions, which they strongly support. These people often display their need for attention and succeed in gaining everything they love.

On the other hand, they sometimes follow some frustrating standards but enjoy in many friends because they are loyal and genuine in relationships.

Year of the Dog

Dog people are loyal and honest in their relationships. When these people want to do something, they put their heart and soul into it. That’s why these individuals are successful in their careers.

Dog people enjoy in their principles, fairness, and their ability to solve all problems.

They are trustworthy in love and business relationships, but sometimes they can be unforgiving.

The long-lasting relationship is in their blood.

Year of the Pig

People born in these years are tolerant, sincere, kind, and have high intellectual abilities. Their intellect makes things easier for them as they search for challenges to succeed in the goals in front of them.

Pigs have a great sense of humor and wit, but they can be pretty naïve, which harms them on a long term. Their weakness is the inclination to feel rage when people are not kind to them.

These individuals cherish family.


Do you agree with the Chinese zodiac? I want to hear you in the comments section below.

While you are there, share this zodiac with all of your friends. They would want to know something more.

Source: Simple Capacity

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