What’s the Secret to Keeping Bugs Out of Your Home?

Nobody wants pests in their home! Cockroaches, centipedes, lizards, earwigs, and other types of pests can make both you and your guests feel highly uncomfortable. And when these invaders surround every part of the house, they can pose a lot of danger to your hygiene and health. 

If your house includes pets or small children, pests can become especially dangerous. Animals or kids might not understand how dangerous some pests can be. They may try to touch, catch, or even eat these bugs.

If your home has pests, do the smart thing and contact a pest control expert like Moxie Pest Control. A pest control company can effectively remove pests from your home.

Once the pests are gone, follow these steps to make sure they don’t come back.

Remedies to keep pests out of your home for good

Different pests call for different remedies. Pest control isn’t one-size-fits-all; you can’t apply the same strategy to different pests. Here are some helpful tips to follow for common types of pests.


Cutting cucumbers into very small pieces and then placing them on the ants’ entry point can stop ants from coming into your home. They instinctively avoid the smell and the fragrance of cucumber. 

Spraying the ants with soap water is a long-term solution that stops their movement. Using mint tea bags or mint leaves is also a great ant killer that stops ants in their tracks.

Mixing boric acid and mint apple jelly is a good tactic to use against pharaoh ants. For the ants that settle in the cracks, put cut-out cloves in the cracked decks.

The last step in killing a colony of ants is to use one cup of sugar, one liter of water and one teaspoon of Borax. Put cotton balls in the mixture and place it in a yogurt can with several holes punched inside. The holes will allow the ants to get inside. And after eating the mixture, the colony will die one by one. If you’ve tried all these remedies but you haven’t had any luck getting rid of these pests, then you should get in touch with ant removal specialists to get the job done. 


There are several products in the market that help keep cockroaches away. One of the most highly recommended ways to keep roaches out of your kitchen is to keep the room neat and clean. If you find these roaches anywhere in your home, make sure you use a strong soap solution to clean the floors and get rid of them.

Sliced cucumbers can be placed at the point where the roaches enter your home. They’ll deter the movement of roaches to your house or the kitchen. Bitter cucumbers will work best.

Diatomaceous earth is another alternative if you don’t want to use chemically-made products to kill cockroaches. These tiny particles can cut into the waxy cockroach skeleton. The product will also dehydrate them, and when all the water storage in your house is covered, cockroaches will die of thirst very quickly.

You can also use soap water to spray cockroaches. This will kill them instantly. And when you find high-traffic areas, make a mixture of cornmeal, sugar and boric acid powder. This concoction is another poison that also kills the roaches at once.

The spaces between your ceilings and kitchen cabinets are good hiding places for these bugs. Placing boric powder in these openings is a great way to kill them. The infected roaches will also contribute to the deaths of others. 


One of the best ways to get rid of gnats and flies is by keeping the house and its surroundings clean and neat. You can also keep small packs of crushed mint leaves and set them around on different surfaces. This step can easily stop pests from penetrating your house.

You can also try using eucalyptus oil. Pouring some drops into a cotton cloth and then placing it in the areas where flies have settled makes them move away. Finally, flushing out your drain with bleaching powder and hot boiling water is the best way to eliminate any flies in the system.


To have the best chance of deterring pests and bugs from accessing your home, make sure that your home is clean and neat. This approach alone is often enough to send them away. But if things get out of hand, follow the tips above to ensure your home is free of pests for good. 

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