What’s The First Candle that Catches Your Eyes? See What it Means

It’s been awhile since we talked about spiritual things. The wait is over. I found another thing that could fulfill your free time.

Reading these amazing spiritual things really made me feel good about myself. I hope you feel the same thing.

It’s not important if you believe in them or not because we all “write” our own destiny. We can all agree it’s fun when you read something about your personality.

To see what others think of you. To see what your actions or picks, on this occasion, will say about you.

People say that it’s not important what others think of you. Somehow we still think about it. We still ask them if we did something wrong or left a bad impression.

I will leave that for a different occasion.

The most important things here are the candles. Did you pick one?



I bet you’ve picked your favorite color. That’s my guess.

Let’s all see what these candle colors will discover.


The black color is not evil. If you chose the black candle, that means you are an image of strength. The black color is wonderful for utilizing it when you need it the most.


This is a strong color of psychic abilities. You have the personality to raise and stabilize the mood in the room. You are doing that for yourself perfectly. Blue candles create a healing atmosphere.


The green color is more of an earthy color. It is associated with the heart chakra. It’s a perfect color to add to your life when you feel distanced from the planet your friends live in.


Yellow is communicative, thinking, and peace of mind. It has the power to produce a cerebral type of energy. If you want to learn something quickly, the yellow color is the one you would want to activate.


Red means passion. Fire. Courage. It’s perfect for transition and changes. It inspires you to keep your loved ones close and be alive.


Purple means powering up your vibrations and energy. If you picked the candle with this color, that means you want people to feel your positive aura. They pump your energy up and help you share that energy wherever you go.


White candles help your spirit vibrate at the highest frequency. It gives you strength to feel the ultimate sense of purpose and purity. You usually think of this color when you want to calm yourself.

What did you pick?

Don’t forget to share this with your friends. It’s really fun.

Source: Higher Perspectives

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