What’s The Best Crystal for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Crystals have been here for many decades. People have them in their homes. Some of them even wear them everywhere they go.

I haven’t found the need to believe in their power even all my friends and family have been trying to convince me about that.

You know how it is when someone doesn’t want to believe in something.

Anyway, I found this very interesting because I see there is a huge interest from my readers.

I decided to search for something else. I included the zodiac in here to see what crystal is the best for you.

This will give you a clear picture about which crystal suits you better.

Let’s start:

Aries – Agate

Agate is the perfect option for Aries because it helps improve the love and mental clarity into your chakras. It has the ability to bring balance when you need it the most.

Taurus – Ruby

Ruby is very powerful heart stone that creates emotional awareness.

Gemini – Gold

Gold creates positive energy and boosts wealth, confidence and creativity.

Cancer – Calcite

Calcite helps people break the old energy pattern and import some changes. It produces emotional clarity and stability.

Leo – Labradorite

Labradorite is the best crystal for the Leo. It improves the self-esteem and creates positive energy changes.

Virgo – Quartz

Quartz helps the Virgo open up the heart chakra and filters the energy coming towards you. It helps to heal even the worst things.

Libra – Jasper

Jasper is the best stone for Libra. It provides your creativity and balances your emotions. It brings support and creativity.

Scorpio – Sapphire

This stone is known to react best with Scorpio. It creates a zone of tranquility and brings spiritual balance. It protects you from negative energy.

Sagittarius – Selenite

The selenite is just perfect for the Sagittarius. It opens up your third eye and protects you by boosting peace and tranquility.

Capricorn – Calcite

Calcite increases your ambition. It creates great mental clarity and awareness.

Aquarius – Ammonite

This is an incredible crystal that helps you heal by creating tranquility in your soul.

Pisces – Onyx

The ultimate stone of strength. It creates a hard protective shell around those who need it the most. It promotes peaceful and cleansing energy.

What’s your perfect stone based on this?

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Source: Higher Perspectives

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