What Your Quilt Cover Says About You

Quilt covers (or duvet covers, as they are called in some locations) are bedroom essentials that protect the quilt (or duvet) when you’re sleeping. Think of them as the pillowcases of pillows because quilt covers are to quilts what pillowcases are to pillows. 

When purchasing a set of beddings, some people leave out a couple of bedroom sheets and just make do with the few pieces. No matter what you do, the quilt cover is not a piece to be forgone. It’s an affordable way to add some style to your bedroom. It will also elevate the look of your bed arena, especially if you have no other décor items or aesthetic knickknacks. 

Besides the many essential uses of quilt covers, do you know that one can guess a few things just by looking at your quilt cover? Here, let us show you ways your quilt cover reveals your kind of person. After this, you just might make the much needed informed decision on if to care for your beddings and the details to consider before purchasing them. 

But before we delve into the personality check, here are a few reasons why you should join the train of quilt cover users:

Why quilt covers? 

Quilt covers offer some benefits that you rarely get from other bedding sheets.  Let’s run over some of these benefits of having quilt covers as part of your beddings. 

  1. They protect your quilt(duvet or comforter)

No one wants their expensive or pricy quilt to go to ruins in the early stages of use. Quilt covers come with buttons or zippers that help keep the quilts in place to be adequately protected.   To keep your quilts from wear and tear, stains, and loosing of feathers, get some quality quilt covers as solid protection against antagonists to the wellbeing of your quilts.

  1. They can act as standalone sheets

When summer is near and the nights become hot, you may carefully replace your quilts with the covers as lightweight standalone sheets. Of course, this goes both ways, as on cold nights, the quilt covers also come in handy for extra warmth. 

  1. Affordable

Quilt covers are quite affordable bedroom pieces, whether you’re buying them alone or together with other beddings as a set. You really don’t need to rub a bank or max out your credit to give your bedroom the extra touch of glow it needs.  Beautiful quilt covers will help you pimp up your beds on a shoestring budget. 

  1. Easier to clean

Using your quilts without covers equates to stressful laundry days. Quilts are super tiring to wash due to their bulkiness, and most quilts can only be thoroughly cleaned by dry-cleaning.  

Save yourself the stress by keeping your quilts always protected under the quilt covers.  Quilt covers on the hand are easier to clean. Because they come in various sizes, you have the choice of picking out sizes that will be easier to clean and maintain.

What does your quilt say about you? 

Just like the look of your home, your choice of music, food, movies, and favorite leisure activity has a lot to say about your kind of person; your quilt covers can also define your personality.  Here are a few traits about you that you can communicate by your quilt covers: 

  1. Hygiene 

Yes, your beddings can tell how hygienic you are. But, unfortunately, sometimes our skin woes are not a consequence of genes or environmental factors but plain ol’ dirty beddings, including dirty sheets and quilt covers.  

Dirty beddings are filled with accumulated dead skin cells, sweat, grits, and stains (for those who love eating and drinking in bed) which do not interact well with the skin. If you keep neat and tidy quilt covers, it’s a pointer that you are conscious about being hygienic. 

  1. Fashion style

This might come as a shocker, but your choice in beddings may tell a little about your taste in fashion. Opting for vintage designs shows that you go for timeless and classy fashion staples, while settling for what’s on everybody’s cart may mean you go with the trend; as long as they remain in vogue, you’re game. 

  1. Aesthetics

The color, patterns, and designs of your beddings say a lot about your eye for aesthetics.  Some may go for plain monochrome sheets, while others may go for beddings with rioting colors. Some prefer subtle and mild, and others will rather have solid and bold designs. All these show how much you appreciate beauty and what your idea of a beautiful bedroom should be – matching the colors of your beddings with the interior décor of the room.

  1. Personality

Another thing your quilt cover can tell about you is your personality. Like with your choice of aesthetics, your personality also influences the types of beddings you go for. Your introverted or extroverted nature as well can be guessed from the patterns of your beddings. If you subscribe to minimalism or not, it will also reflect in your choice of home essentials and décor materials. 

Where can you get the best quilt covers? 

The era of beddings coming in usual forms is over. Now, manufacturers have stepped up their games by producing quilt covers in various designs, patterns, colors, etc.  Your bedding vendor should have a variety of quilt covers so you can choose from them. You should be able to find what tickles your fancy, whether plain and subtle, monochrome or palettes of colors, and whatever else. 

Many bedding vendors swear by their products. But only a few like, Quilt Cover, are faithful to their promises. So ensure you go to only stores that are committed to durability, top-quality, and versatility. 

These stores should also be committed to selling superior products made by the best of brands. This way, you are guaranteed quilt covers that suit your taste, will leave you feeling refreshed every time after sleeping on them, and also never go out of vogue.