What you need to know about Flock Lined Latex Gloves

With an expected market growth of 13.1% by 2027, disposable gloves are becoming more popular over the years. The flock lining of gloves is a common trend in the glove industry.

Flock lined gloves have an inner cotton lining that protects the hands by adding insulation from abrasions or punctures. These gloves come in various sizes and thickness depending on the gloves’ functionality and can be up to 25% thicker than ordinary gloves. The gloves can be used in various industries like agriculture, fisheries, food handling, households, landscaping, or automotive use.

So what makes flock lined latex gloves so popular?

Characteristics of flock lined latex gloves.

Flock lined latex gloves are made of natural rubber, which provides a good grip on items. Flock lined latex gloves come with longer rolled-up cuffs than regular gloves. This prevents substances from seeping inside the gloves and wetting the interior of the gloves. The rolled cuffs also prevent the gloves from wear and tear during the job.

As the gloves are made from latex material, patterning the tips and palms is often in a most flock lined gloves. The pattern comes in many variations, with the main one being the honeycomb or diamond patterns. The pattern enhances grip and holds objects better, which can be tricky as latex is slippery.

They are characterized into different types depending on thickness and uses in different industries:

  • Lightweight flock lined gloves

These are applicable in basic household functions or other lightweight duties. Due to this, these lightweight lined gloves are around eight to fourteen millimeters in thickness.

  • Medium weight flock lined gloves

Medium weight flock lined gloves are around eighteen millimeters. They are used in janitorial or maintenance functions, which require slightly more lining than lightweight flock gloves.

  • Heavy-duty flock lined gloves

Being heavy-duty, these gloves are for use when handling corrosive substances such as chemicals or acids. The extra inner protection, which is around twenty-four millimeters or more, ensures maximum protection from substances and makes them last longer. The added layer of flock lining requires a stronger grip, which comes with this type of glove.

Benefits of Flock lined latex gloves

  • Increased comfort

The cotton lining in the gloves provides comfort, making these gloves the ideal choice, especially when using them for long periods of time. The hand is also protected from sharp and rough objects as compared to other types of gloves.

  • Ease in wear

These gloves are easy to don and remove due to the lined interior. The gloves slide in and are not restricted by the latex material, limiting the fast wearing of the gloves.

  • Reusable

Despite these gloves being designed as disposable, it is possible to wear them multiple times, saving the user money from constant purchases.

  • Insulation

The flock lining provides insulation and protects the hand from puncture. The flock lining also prevents perspiration as the hand is kept warm and dry.

  • Cost-effective

These gloves are cost-effective and affordable in the market, greatly outweighing the superior advantages that flock lined gloves have.

Market trends and considerations

With the current awareness of the importance of health and safety worldwide, the glove market is at an all-time high with use in all industries.

Market players in the flock lined latex gloves industry should consider consumer trends and incorporate new and trending designs on the gloves to attract new customers. For instance, liquid resistant flock lined gloves in different sizes will enable functionality in different industry fields.

The increase in protection and development of reusable flock-lined gloves can be considered to ensure the disposable flock-lined gloves are not overused, making them susceptible to puncture. Top market players can develop new reusable gloves that maintain the same or superior security levels while maintaining wear’s longevity.

Distribution and retail companies should also embrace new marketing techniques which encourages e-commerce to help gain the popularity of flock lined latex gloves. By embracing social media platforms to spread awareness of the different types of flock lined gloves, more consumers will embrace them, thus increasing overall market share prices and sales.

Major stakeholders should also encourage customer feedback appreciation maps, which allow consumers to give impressions of service and use of the products. This will increase engagement and help in creating stronger brands for the products based on customer recommendations.

Things to consider

It is advisable to buy the flock lined latex gloves from verified supplies to ensure that the products are FDA approved. This enables the user to use tried and tested products that are safe for use.

Always check for product warranty from the manufacturer in case the gloves come distorted or damaged. This guarantees the exchange and resale of the product.

It is best to research the functionality of these gloves to ensure proper use and maintenance.


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