7 Ways to Remove Pests and Stains from Your Carpet

Carpet on bare feel feels warm, luxurious, and cozy. It is the ultimate sign of comfort, especially after a long day at work. Coming home to relax and unwind is one of the best feelings ever. But as your curl your toes in your carpet fibers, you begin to feel itchy. Unbeknownst to you, your carpet may be harboring pests, which are usually not visible to the naked eye unless you look closely. Total eeew! How do you remove these pesky critters and the stains they leave behind from your carpet? Here are seven ways to help you get the job done.

Call the Professionals

When the infestation is big and you want to get it under wraps right away, call in the professionals. A reputable company like Carpestology Pest have professional methods that get to the root of the problem. They kill existing bugs, including nests and eggs they leave behind so no pesky critter will ever come back to wreak havoc in your carpet again.

Use a Power Vacuum

If you don’t have the budget for calling the professionals, using your own vacuum might help get the carpet beetles and their larvae out of your home. Use the highest possible suction setting and let the vacuum run over your carpet many times. Check for signs of infestation, like brown stains and discoloration on your carpet, and pay close attention to those areas. Make sure that you run your vacuum cleaner on those heavily infested spots and use the rubber brush contraption to get to the deepest parts of the fiber.

Wash Items in the Hottest Setting

if the infestation is in your room, be sure to wash your bed runners, linens, and everything that could have possibly touched the carpet. Cross-contamination is highly possible. If you have clothes in the bottom drawers near the floor, wash those too, even if they look alright. It is better to be vigilant and to make sure there are no unsightly bugs hiding there. Wash in the warmest setting of your washing machine to kill all the pests.

Spray Insect Killers

Look for an insecticide that lists carpet critters on its label. Follow the directions on the bottle and apply to areas that you cannot wash. This is a spot-treatment only so don’t apply liberally. Be sure to wear your gloves and a face mask as you spray this around the edges of your carpet, closet walls, shelving where stuff are stores, and around cracks or crevices. Be mindful to not spray directly on your clothes.

Consider Boric Acid

Think of using boric acid for surfaces that are hard to reach. If you’re having trouble reaching carpet corners, sprinkling them heavily with boric acid will help. Just make sure you keep any pets or children on the day that you will be using this heavy chemical. You can also make your own boric acid spray by mixing one tablespoon of boric acid with two cups of hot water. Stir with a disposable stick to dissolve, and when cool, place the solution inside the spray bottle and use it treatment. Take note: boric acid can have the effect of bleach so be sure that your carpet is not on the dark side before using this concoction. 

Erase Pesky Stains with Vinegar

Make your own stain remover for those pesky carpet stains from the pests that infiltrated your home. This homemade cleaner is just as effective as the commercial grade ones. On top of that, this is less harsh for your skin. Chances are, all these ingredients are already in your pantry. Use 1/4 cup of white vinegar, a tablespoon of dish washing soap, and add some water. Put them all in a spray bottle. Spritz liberally onto the affected area and make sure that it keeps soaking for ate least seven to ten minutes. Then you can proceed blotting with a clean dry towel until the stain is gone.

Try Bug Repelling Plants

Place bug repelling plants strategically around your home. Adding cedar chips to your planters for extra bug-repelling is a good move to make. There are a variety of plants which your local nursery can help you choose to keep bugs from coming in your home. They can even be crushed and sprinkled on your homes welcome doormat so that the scent will be released when you come in.

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