What to Eat in Mexico?

New Mexico’s natural beauty and wealth of culture, including its wonderfully fine cuisine, give its nickname to the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico has its own cuisine and not just signature dishes. Of course, over our borders, you will find any of these foods. Although eating these plates where they have been invented is even more fun – or refined! So if you want to sample the Land of Enchantment, try these 16 most renowned foods in New Mexico. If you are new to New Mexico, use the New Mexico travel guide that will help you learn about the place and save you from any worries.

Blue corn pancakes

Blue corn enhances everything from pizza and tortillas to muffins and pancakes. Yellow corn is good, dandy, and blue maize brings to dishes a welcome nuttiness. Take a notch at a blue corn pancake with New Mexican piñon nuts.

Piñon coffee

Alternatively, drink Piñon nut coffee, which adds a little extra to your morning joe. This Piñe nut comes from the Piñon pine, and New Mexicans love its delicate taste.

Breakfast burrito

A burrito breakfast is always the first meal of the day in New Mexico. Pork, chorizo, or adovada added to key foods such as potato, egg, and cheese to enhance the flavors. The cheese is also cooked outside the tortilla, and some are sprinkled inside. The egg is optional. Douse with green or red sauce and serve this awesome dish.

Carne adovada

Carne adovada is what results after the pork is marinated for 24 hours or more in a purée of tomato, red chili, and spices. The outcome is great.

Green chile on pizza

Pizza is no different when Chile enhances every dish. In New Mexico, most pizzerias sell it as a topping. Try ham or pepperoni with it.


Sopaipillas are treated either as a savory or a sweet dish. Cheese, beans, and occasionally beef are stuffed with salty ones. Sweet varieties of this fried dough, which can be freely tossed over are supplemented by honey.


Anywhere you will find rolled enchiladas, but they are mostly served flat and stacked in a pile.


You probably get soft shell tacos when you order tacos in New Mexico. Their taste is fresher and they are less messy – a definite benefit if you’re interested in having a taco for your lunch break.

Red and green sauces

Some people will complain that this list does not include a condiment.  These people would be wrong! Red and green sauce are part of many Mexican foods that it deserves to be included in the Food Hall Of Fame in New Mexico if it ever existed.

Green chili stew

Do not ask people to bring chicken noodle soup if you are in New Mexico and feel under the weather. You need green chili stew to heal fast. Even at potlucks, this dish is usual. The recipe of everybody is very different and while pork is the most popular preference for meat, some choose beef as well, making it one of the best things to do in New Mexico.