What is Meatless Meat Made Out of?

Meatless meat is totally a thing and we are absolutely loving it!

More and more people are deciding to be more conscious about how much meat they consume for a whole range of reasons. And while we absolutely love it, we can’t deny that it would be hard to give up those chicken nugget nights!

However, thanks to meatless meat from Simulate you can still enjoy chicken nugget nights. It will still look like a chicken nugget, taste like a chicken nugget, and provide you with an alternative source of protein.

But how do they do this? How can you actually make meatless meat that makes you think you are eating meat?

We are going to share everything there is to know about meatless meat and deep dive into explaining exactly what it is made of.

1. A meat-free formula

Each meatless meat formula is different, but one thing that is the same for all meat-free formulas is that there is zero meat used! Yup, that’s right. Based on creativity and ingenuity, meatless meat can taste like meat using alternatives like grains, beans, plants, and animal cells just to name a few! So the next time you consider getting a meat-free option, have confidence that it really is meat-free.

2. Peas and egg whites

When it comes to meatless chicken nuggets, ingredients like peas and egg whites tend to be the secret ingredients. The peas are jam-packed with protein and the egg whites are able to enhance the consistency. It is important to know that with many formulas using things like egg whites makes this alternative vegetarian rather than vegan! 

3. Vegetable

You name a vegetable and it has probably been used in at least one of the meatless meat formulas!  One of the most commonly used when it comes to burger meatless meat is mushrooms, which are able to provide a chewy texture with protein-rich nutrients. Vegetables make a great staple ingredient for meatless meat!

4. Soy Protein

Another great alternative that many meatless meat formulas use is soy protein. Soy is well-loved in the vegetarian community and is used in meatless meat to enhance the flavor and color. Often, it is combined with other protein-rich ingredients to create the ultimate meatless meat experience!

5. Tofu

Tofu is one of those adaptable foods that are able to basically blend with anything. In regards to absorbing flavors, they are basically like a sponge! Tofu is also another protein-rich food that enables the meatless meat to have a similar texture to actual meat. Also, because it is so colorless, it can be altered to resemble any other type of meat it is trying to imitate.

6. Legumes

Beans, beans, the magical fruit! But more so than just being an incredibly healthy and nutritious food source, legumes are also hugely popular in a range of meatless meat formulas. Beans come jam-packed with nutritional value and can easily be molded with other ingredients to create the ultimate meatless meat result.

7. Fats

In order to create that juicy meatless meat effect, many formulas use fats like coconut oil or canola oil to really help the meatless meat sizzle when being cooked! They also help act as a binding agent to help the meat stay molded together.

Meatless meat is changing the way we can enjoy food! Providing meat-free alternatives for the food we love, it is making it easier to simulate the real deal and make it easier to reduce the actual meat intake we have. With ingredients like tofu, plants, legumes, and natural fats, the meatless meat products have never tasted better! 

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