What the “Beauty” Hole on Your Chin Says About You

Cute little holes that make your face even more beautiful. I’m lucky to have one on my left cheek, but not on my chin.

Many famous people have the so-called “Chin Dimple” and it looks perfect.

If you have one, then you are in line with people like Eminem, Jessica Simpson, Ben Affleck, Adele, Sandra Bullock, and much more.

But, what this chin dimple means?

Genetics causes it. It’s your mentalis muscle’s fault. It fails to close the button and leaves a gap.

However, this doesn’t mean that your kid will have the same chin. So, if you don’t like this hole on your chin than you are not going to see on your child.

Sometimes it takes up to five generations before the chin dimple shows up again.

How this affects my personality?

I’m glad you asked.

People with a beauty hole like this are attention-seekers. They might not like it, but others do.

They are fun to be around with, and they tend to flirt. Plus, they are superb at it.

The sexual nature of these people is powerful and entertaining. On the other hand, they are more emotional than others. Their emotions can run through their body very fast.

That’s why you see can see them cry no matter if they are happy, sad, excited, or passionate about something.

Do you agree with this? I want to hear your opinion.

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