What Should You Look For In A Top Quality Pet Sitter?

When you leave town, you want to make sure your beloved family pet is in great hands. Choosing a great pet sitter will keep your mind at ease while you’re on holiday or out of town on business. Here’s how you can make sure you find a capable pet sitter who will give your pet the love and care they deserve.

#1 References

References from past clients are essential if you’re hiring a pet sitter that you’re not familiar with. If you’re looking for pet sitting services online, don’t be afraid to ask for references from potential candidates or check out their website for testimonials.

#2 The Right Services

Make sure they offer the services you need. For example, if your animal requires medications, you want to know that they are capable of providing this service. If you have a dog that loves going for walks but may need some extra handling, make sure they’re capable of keeping up.

#3 They Send Updates

Pet owners who get anxious about leaving their animals on their own or in someone else’s care have the stress of not knowing how their pet is doing. If you’re the kind of person who will get distracted from your vacation worrying about your pet, find a pet sitter who can give you regular updates about how your pet is doing.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick picture of your dog having a blast at the dog park or your cat chasing after their favorite toy to put your mind at ease.

#4 The Types of Animals They Look After

Not all pet sitters are comfortable with all types of animals. Some pet sitters may specialize in cat sitting or dog sitting. If you have an exotic (a category that includes birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and marsupials), make sure you have a pet sitter who is familiar with yours and understands what they need and how to handle them.

Some sitters may even feel uncomfortable with large dog breeds or handling certain behavioral issues. Make sure they know what your pet is like and that they’re okay to handle it.

#5 Pet Sitting vs. House Sitting vs. Boarding

You should know exactly what kind of service you’re getting before you hire a pet sitter. There are some important differences between these services:

Pet sitting: As a rule, a pet sitter will visit your home at prescribed frequencies (usually once or twice a day, which you negotiate with them ahead of time) to feed your pet, take the dog out for a walk, clean up the cat’s litter box, play with your pet, provide medications as needed, etc. How long their visit lasts is something you should discuss from the outset. Pet sitters do not stay in your home.

House sitting: When people go away for extended periods of time, they may be more comfortable with a house sitter. People hire house sitters for a variety of reasons, including making sure their pets have regular company and meeting the conditions of their home insurance policy.

Boarding: Boarding is where you take your dog or cat to a boarding facility or kennel, where they stay until you return. While there are great boarding facilities out there, relocation itself can be a stressful experience for your animal.

Find the right pet sitter for peace of mind when you’re out of town!