5 Ways To Hype Up Your Family Vacation

Some of the best childhood memories include a family vacation to somewhere new and exciting. Being the one to choose and plan the next family vacation is even more exciting. The key to having a great trip is making sure the rest of your family is on board. It also helps if you can get them just as excited for the trip as you are.

There are a lot of reasons why your family can be hyped about an upcoming vacation. It may be the escape from reality, the scenic destination, or simply getting out of the house for a long period of time. The more hype you can deliver on a family vacation, the more exciting the entire trip will be. Here are five ways to get the whole family excited for vacation.

1. Give Them a Pre-Vacation Gift

A fun way to get the family hyped for a vacation is to surprise them with a gift. This gift can act as an announcement for the vacation, which can kick off the initial hype. The gift will then double as a reminder of the upcoming vacation to keep the excitement alive.

Simple yet memorable gifts to give everyone are custom t shirts. These shirts will tie your family together when out and about on a trip. Some people think matching shirts are tacky, but you can fix that with customizable designs. You can pick something cool and simple that highlights the trip. Then each time you wear them at home, they can act as a reminder of great times.

2. Include Something for Everyone

Getting excited for an upcoming vacation is easier when the entire family is enthusiastic. Even a single Debbie Downer can make it difficult for the entire group to get hyped up for the trip. To get everyone excited for a family vacation, make sure to include something for everyone.

Let’s say you have a teenage daughter who only wants to hang out at the beach and a younger son who is only interested in all of the historical attractions. They are both excited about different things, so make sure there’s ample time for both activities in the schedule. This way everyone has something to look forward to and can share in the family excitement.

As a parent you’ll often forego personal desires in favor of your children. Remember that this is your vacation too! Don’t be afraid to add an activity or two that you would really enjoy. Consider this your reward for spearheading and funding the expedition in the first place.

3. Make Plans Together

To ensure that there truly is an activity for everyone, include the whole family in vacation planning. This way even the youngest children can have their voices heard in regards to the itinerary. You might not have considered some of their ideas initially, but sometimes they make for welcome additions to the family trip.

Before planning as a family, be sure to set some ground rules. Including all of the kids in planning doesn’t mean they can freely add or veto anything they want. Making everyone content 100% of the time is next to impossible. Planning together is done to make sure that the trip is at least fair for all attendees.

How many planning sessions to hold is up to your discretion. Hold as many meetings as needed to get your kids on board and help them to feel involved enough in decision-making. No one will enjoy an overabundance of planning, but getting together more than once might be necessary.

4. Try Something New

Traditions are awesome. There’s a lot of comfort in following a time-honored family tradition. Some traditions are worth getting excited for, such as an annual trip to the family cabin. However, trying something new can build up a lot more anticipation and excitement from time to time.

Visiting a new country is a perfect example. Seeing Rome in Italy for the first time is exhilarating. Just think about the culture and architecture and all of the new sites and sounds to experience. Doesn’t the thought alone get you hyped to go?

This doesn’t mean you should do away with your family traditions. The suggestion is simply to consider switching it up from time to time. The variation and sense of discovery will add a lot of flavor and excitement to your family vacations.

5. Look for Learning Opportunities

Talking about the vacation in the days leading up to it will generate hype and keep it fresh. An educational spin on that will certainly make parents happy. Learning about the places you visit is a great opportunity for teaching while still getting everyone excited for the vacation aspects.

For example, if you were planning a trip to Rome, you could start learning about the Roman empire. There are so many fascinating events and characters that you can read up on each day. Watch some Roman-inspired movies and check out some books to get excited about seeing the sites for yourself.

When it’s all said and done, be sure to deliver on the hype you generate. If a family vacation ends up flopping, it will be a lot more difficult to get the gang on board for the next excursion. Proper planning and execution will be just as important as being the family cheerleader.