What Should I Put On My Nursery Wall?

Creating the perfect nursery is the dream of many new parents. This is the part where you get to disregard the morning sickness for a while and let your creativity run wild while you create a little nest for your incoming bundle of joy. 

But an empty nursery room is like an empty canvas. Even the most seasoned artists sometimes are not sure where to start and need some form of inspiration.

So if you are wondering what to include on your nursery wall, you have come to the right place. This article is the inspiration you need to get your creative juices running. 

10 Cute Wall Decor For a Nursery

Don’t let that blank wall intimidate you. Here are simple – and cheap – ways to turn blank nursery walls into something fun and special for your new baby. 

Have Some Fun With Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the trend in interior design at the moment – and rightly so. Long gone are the days when the only idea of wallpaper you had was the stuffy yellowing floral-pattern wall in your grandmother sitting room.

The truth is, we no longer use wallpapers to cover defects on our walls.

Lately, wallpapers are meant to give a basic decor a platinum print and take it to a whole new level. They come in millions of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing you to fill the room with vibrant colors and visuals.

And the cherry on the cake is, they are temporary and easy to let go of once the child outgrows them. 

What other best way to get instant decor gratification than to get creative with some wallpapers? 

Hang Framed Wallpapers

Instead of just pasting the wallpaper the old mundane way, why not get a little more creative and create your original-style wallpaper painting. Believe it or not, a well-framed wallpaper can very well stand in place of an expensive piece of painting. 

For example, see this design done by Interior designer Barrie Benson in this home in North Carolina. This simple design helps give a much-needed visual appeal to the nursery wall without overcrowding the space. 

Add a Storage Unit/Shelves

Another easy and functional way to fill a blank wall is to add a storage unit to it. This can be in the form of simple detached shelves or an inbuilt storage unit.

This adds to the nursery decor by creating a functional space for styling your favorite display object or storing books and toys. 

To make it more stylish, fill up the whole wall with a mix of open and closed shelves. Then use the open shelves for decor display and the closed shelves as storage. 

Put Word to Frame

Do you have sweet and meaningful words you want to say to your baby every day? Why not write them down and frame them as a daily reminder? This will work great as decor for that blank wall at the back of the nursery.

The trick is to split the story into multiple images and organize them in a cute, impactful way. Also, play with the font and font color to emphasize the more meaningful words, making the display stand out more. 

Make It a Wall Library

Another beautiful easy, and inexpensive way to decorate a nursery wall is to fill it with your favorite kids’ storybooks. 

Just install simple book edges and fill the wall with colorful books; here is an example of a DIY project. To make it even more visually appealing, do not forget to add a nice reading corner so that you and your little one can enjoy your time reading the books. 

Paint a Mural

This is where you let your imagination run wild and let it bring potentially anything into life. You can paint just anything. Not sure where to begin? Look at this nursery art for inspiration. 

If you are good with your hands, this can be a fun project to do over a few months. But if this is not your zone, get a professional artist to help bring your story to life. 

Does the little one remind you of your trip to the Amazon rainforest? Then paint them a waterfall. Or paint them a world map mural if you want them to feel like the world is in their grasps. 

Create a Print Display and Let the Wall Do the Talking

Instead of all the stress of deciding what mural or wallpaper will go well with the other decor, why not just leave the wall to tell a story.

For example, creating an album display of several generations of women in your family (from your great-grandmother) will be a great way to tell your daughter about the women in your family. 

Alternatively, put up pictures of the baby bump from conception to when the baby is born and keep track of all the baby growth changes.

Let the wall change along with the baby. This gives the room an elevated, interchangeable visual element that is unique and dynamic. 

Paintings and Prints

If you have the budget, you are spoilt for options. There are many beautiful paintings on the market that would look great on that bare wall at the back of your nursery. However, there are also many cheaper options out there that are the same, if not better.

For example, see this cute  6-Piece Set of Forest Animals Print design. This set checks all the adorable boxes and makes the room feel cute and feminine. 

Hang Up a Tasteful Tapestry

Another tasteful way to decorate that wall is to hang a tapestry behind a crib or beautiful painted changing area. For example, this starry night grand canvas wall tapestry gives the room taste and grandeur.

Altenmertively, you can pick a rug with a good design and transform it into a unique wall-mounted tapestry.  


Whatever you choose to do with your nursery wall depends on your taste and level of creativeness. But all in all, keep in mind that the idea is to enjoy the process and create a fun and fulfilling space for your little one. 

But whatever you do, do not let it kill your peace of mind; after all, babies grow up too quickly, and they will outgrow the whole decor even before you realize it.

So as you decorate your nursery, focus on having fun and allow things to fall in place on their own. Good luck!