Newborn Nursery Decor Tips

Planning for a newborn is tons of fun. Not only do you have little outfits to buy and sort, you have an entire room to decorate. You have plenty of different ways to make your new baby’s room inviting, but a good nursery is more than just a neutral color scheme and cute decor. Instead, you can use a few certain techniques when setting up your newborn’s room to make it work as efficiently for you as new parents as for the tiny baby-to-be.

Here are some newborn nursery decor tips to keep in mind.

Go monochromatic

Picking a theme for your nursery can be overwhelming, especially if you are choosing not to find out the gender before the child is born. So an easy way to bypass all this choice is to pick one color and go monochromatic. This is relatively simple to do; pick a favorite color and then go with variations of that shade.

For example, green works wonderfully — a forest green can be the base color, with accents of pale green, mint green, and seafoam in the bedding, the carpet, and curtain fixtures. Other easy-to-match colors are blue, yellow, and even gray.

Put the changing table as the focal point

Everything in your nursery should revolve around the changing table because this is where you’ll be the most. This means put the clean clothing, the wipes, the diapers, and the garbage right near the changing table so you can reach everything with only one arm extended. Do a few trial runs with a stuffed animal beforehand so you can ensure your newborn will never be left unattended when you’re reaching for something.

Go big with your decor

Too many items on your wall can make the room feel cluttered and busy. Instead, opt for one or two pieces of decor for the entire room to pack a punch. For example, Simple Canvas Prints creates canvases printed with your photo, and they’re different from any other photo collage. You can easily have one picture be in the center of the room and with these 3D fixtures, Personalized Neon Signs, you won’t need anything else on the walls. Need some inspiration? Use a picture of you and your partner.

Pick furniture with a lasting impact

Nursery furniture can be exceptionally expensive, so you’ll want to invest in something that can survive the test of time and grow as your child does. So choose something with clean lines in a muted neutral color that will be able to transition with any decor in any room. Also, be mindful of any attachments such as knobs, levers, or buttons that can be pressed, pushed, or pulled and be made into a safety hazard down the line. There is also furniture that converts from one use to another such as a changing table that can become a dresser or a crib that becomes a toddler bed. This way, you’ll get much more bang for your buck.

Invest in adaptable lighting

When sleep training your baby, it’s important for them to be able to distinguish between night and day easily. So you need to have adaptable lighting in your nursery that can seamlessly go from light to dark with no problem. This means blackout curtains that can be tied up to show light, dimmable light bulbs, using personalized LED wall name sign, and heavy window shades. While it might seem a bit excessive to buy these items now, you’ll be thankful when it comes to sleeping through the night.

With these decor tips in mind, your new baby will be ready to come into the world with style.

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