What Makes A Good Jogging Stroller?

Many new mums are excited to return to jogging after giving birth. Getting a jogging strolling is the best way to jog while keeping an eye on the baby. Finding the best jogging stroller can be tricky. As a parent, you are understandably eager to get the safest and most comfortable jogging stroller possible, that you can take through the different terrains throughout your jog. We will discuss the features to look out for when deciding on a jogging stroller. 

When deciding on getting a stroller, there are two options for joggers. The first option is to get a jogging stroller and the second option is to get a traditional stroller which can function as a jogging stroller. The two options have three big wheels, but normal jogging strollers come with wheels in the front that are permanently straight. This makes the jogging stroller ideal for running, but also highly impractical for other needs because it is so difficult to maneuver. Jogging strollers will set you back somewhere in the region of $500, but they are very durable and can be used for longer than traditional strollers. Many jogging strollers cannot accommodate babies who weigh more than 75 pounds. 

A traditional stroller that you can convert to a jogging stroller, offers the advantages of a jogging stroller without sacrificing maneuverability. You can place the stroller’s front wheel in a swivel position when going about your normal, day-to-day tasks, and then lock the front wheel straight when you are jogging. Traditional strollers cost from $90 to $650, while double strollers cost more. Traditional strollers usually have a capacity limit of 50 to 55 pounds. 

Not all strollers are made equal, so you should be aware that there will be differences in the safety and comfort that each stroller can offer. A good starting point to see how each stroller performs, is to consult the Consumer Report’s ratings for strollers. These reviews test the performance of traditional strollers rather than jogging strollers.

Some Considerations When Buying a Jogging Stroller

Factor in weight. When shopping for Franklin and Ben baby furniture, the first thing to consider is the question of the stroller’s weight. For instance, if your baby weighs 25 pounds and the stroller weighs 25 pounds, effectively, you will be pushing a 50 pound object while jogging, which may prove too much for you. So, factor in the stroller’s weight and your baby’s weight. Jogging strollers usually weigh between 24 and 43 pounds. You should also know what the maximum weight the stroller can carry is. This way you can think ahead and see how long you have with the stroller before your baby weighs too much for the stroller.

Check out the harness. The traditional strollers in the Consumer Report’s ratings all possess the recommended five-point harness. These strollers use a crotch strap attached to a buckle, and they also come with two waist straps and two shoulder straps insertable into the buckle. Five-point harnesses are much safer than three-point harnesses, which do not come with shoulder straps. Shoulder straps prevent your baby from sliding out of the stroller tips. You want to make sure that you can easily use the buckles, without your baby being able to easily unbuckle.  The straps must be durable yet comfortable for your baby. These are among a number of considerations you need to make while buying a jogging stroller. Happy shopping!