What Kind of Information Do Fruit Label Numbers Reveal?

Fruit label numbers discover something that you should pay attention to. You can notice the labels or stickers on certain fruits and vegetables. However, only a few of us know what they mean.

If you know how to read them, these stickers hide lots of information about the particular product.

As an addition to this, the PLU code is shown as price lookup number. So, you can get close to the price checkers, point it out to this sticker, and see the amount of it.

In the end, these fruit label numbers show if the product is organically grown, loaded with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or genetically modified.

How to Identify These Fruit Label Numbers?

  • 5 Digits

If the sticker has a 5-digit PLU code that starts with the number 9, it means that the product grew under USDA standards.

  • 4 Digits

If the sticker has a 4-digit PLU code that starts with number 3 or 4, it means that the product is full of pesticides

  • 5 Digits

If the sticker has a 5-digit PLU code that starts with number 8, the product is genetically modified.

  • PLU Starts with Number 6

If this is the case, the product is pre-cut.

  • No Sticker

It’s more suspicious than the previous situations. However, I’m buying organic products from the local supplier here without stickers. So, if you know the producer, then these labels are not that important.

In case you don’t know, it’s the International Federation for Produce Standards that hand out these codes. It’s a global organization that assigns fruit label numbers to products sold in the world.

Now you know.

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