What Is the Local Church Movement? (And How Do I Get Involved?)

Are you in need of a place for worship? Do you ever feel a little lost?

If you’re looking for a good place to practice your faith, the Local Church Movement is a great choice. It’s a great community that can help nourish your spiritual growth. But if you haven’t tried attending before, you might not know how to get involved.

Don’t get discouraged yet.

In this guide, you’ll learn about house church movement and how to get involved. Read on and learn more.

Brief History of the Local Church Movement

This organization claims that their teachings come from Watchman Nee, a Christian teacher and author. His ministry was in China, and western missionaries call his followers “The Little Flock”. In 1952, Nee got imprisoned for his faith, remaining incarcerated until his passing in 1972.

In 1962, Witness Lee arrived in the United States. He claimed to have Nee’s teachings, and his followers became known as “The Local Church”.

How to Get Involved

Whether it’s the Local Church, Emergent Church movement, or other local churches, involvement can lead to spiritual growth. Here are some ways for you to get involved:

1. Say Hello to Someone

The good news about churches is that people aren’t as opposed when you take initiative and meet new people. In most cases, people wait for you to start talking. That’s why you’ll most likely find it pleasant that the people beside you are receptive to your introductions.

2. Sit in Various Places around the Church to Find the Best Spot

This sounds silly, but churchgoers often sit at the same spot. That means people will start recognizing you if you attend regularly at the same spot. But before you can do that, find a comfortable spot, and experiment how it goes first.

Regardless, always greet people beside you. This helps build familiarity and belonging to the community. It’s a comfortable method of building connections as time passes, so don’t hesitate and try it.

3. Introduce Yourself to the Pastor

When you attend regularly, reintroduce yourself to the pastor. Tell them about yourself and your hopes while attending church. Don’t be shy and ask them to introduce you to other churchgoers with similar interests.

Pastors are great as tour guides who can find the perfect fit for you. They won’t track your Sunday attendance once they get to know you. They have lots of things on their plates, after all.

4. Join Small Groups

To know people best, join a small group and study scriptures together. This allows you to meet more people in a more relaxed setting. That way, you’ll form a stronger bond while learning the word of God better.

Attend the Church Today!

These are some tips on how to get involved in a church movement. Don’t hesitate and use these tips if you want to have a better involvement with your church, no matter where you attend.

That said, keep in mind that learning doesn’t end here. We encourage you to read our other guides and learn other important tips and tricks today!

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