What is CBD Flower and What Can You Do With It?

Have you just recently heard or read somewhere about CBD flower or hemp flower? Or are you looking for a relaxant that does not make you feel out of your mind? Knowing what a CBD flower is can solve your problem. As the world is moving towards the acceptance and legalization of cannabis, people are more keen on finding out better ways of consuming cannabis products. The industry is bringing forward potent CBD hemp products, such as Bubba Kush Strain, or other cannabis-infused products like oils, teas, creams, and lotions, to help people gain the benefits of hemp.

What Is A CBD Flower?

Hemp is a cannabis plant with less than 0.3% of Tetrahydrocannabinol and the bud of the hemp plant is called CBD flower. Is the term Tetrahydrocannabinol a bit confusing for you? Let me explain. Abbreviated as THC, it is one of the most potently psychoactive compounds present in cannabis plants. CBD flowers are raw or dried buds of hemp flowers and are produced at the maturation stage of the female hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa L. And they have very low levels of THC.

You might have frequently heard terms like a weed, dope, cannabidiol, marijuana, pod, etc., as they are gaining popularity over the last couple of years due to their medicinal properties.

Are Cannabis Buds and CBD Flowers the Same?

The origin of cannabis and hemp is almost similar hence, both are closely associated. Both plants belong to the family Cannabaceae and both are from the genus cannabis. But they should not be confused as the same thing. CBD flowers are true hemp produced by Cannabis Sativa L and are not the same as marijuana. The former is grown specifically for its industrial and medicinal properties.

The main difference between both is the level of THC. CBD flowers have very low levels of THC, i.e, 0.3% and very high levels of cannabidiol, while marijuana buds have high levels of THC. High levels of this compound are responsible for the sensation we call euphoria or a high. The mind-altering effects of THC present in marijuana buds cause anxiety, paranoia, and other psychoactive effects. This is the reason why some countries have banned the cultivation and trade of marijuana.

On the other hand, true hemp plants or CBD flowers are known all around the world for more than 25,000 uses.

What Are The Uses of CBD Flower?

If you are habitual of enjoying the ritual of smoking but you want to avoid the mind-altering effects of THC dominant cannabis, CBD flower is your way to go. CBD flowers deliver a balanced sense of calmness and pain-relieving effects without producing intoxicating effects of high.

There are many beneficial uses of CBD flowers, that make them a better alternative to other euphoric products. Here is a list of things you can do with CBD flowers to inculcate in your life the health benefits associated with the product.

Use CBD Flowers In Your Tea

CBD flowers are available in dried form to use with any of your teas. You can add them to the cup of your black tea, green tea, or any other loose tea leaves. The method is as simple as blending them in your tea or simply adding the flower while boiling the tea leaves in water. Adding CBD flower to your tea will give you an energizing boost.

The two most loved recipes of using CBD flower with tea are mixing them in chamomile tea to increase relaxation or in peppermint tea to relieve the symptoms of nausea and upset stomach.

Make A CBD Bath Bomb!

Using CBD flowers or CBD oil in your bathtub has some reported health benefits that include heart health along with its relaxing effects. There are many different ways you can infuse these flowers in your bathtub. The easiest way is simply throwing them in while filling up the tub. Moreover, you can find some easy bath bomb recipes on the internet. The most famous one is the CBD lavender bath bomb. You can also add CBD oil with other essential oils and mix the potion in the water you are going to bathe in.

Make A Magical Potion with Coconut Oil

How about mixing two ingredients that are overloaded with amazing health benefits! We are talking about the two gifts nature has bestowed us with: coconut oil and CBD flowers. As CBD is a good fat solvent, it can easily be mixed in coconut oil while heating up the oil. In this way, you can make CBD-coconut butter. This butter delivers many health benefits including pain-relieving effects.

Use In Your Topical Creams and Lotions

Many people love to enjoy the pain-relieving effects of CBD oil by mixing them in their topically used creams and lotions. And undoubtedly, it is an amazing way of utilizing CBD flowers for gaining its medicinal benefits without inhaling them. The easiest way is simply sprinkling the flowers in your favorite cream or lotion, give a thorough mix, and use it or keep it for later use.

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