What Goes into a Healthy Breakfast

To ensure that you have a great day, you need to fuel your body so that it can function at the level you need it to!

For too long, too many people have neglected eating breakfast—because they didn’t have time, weren’t hungry or just simply couldn’t be bothered.

But the truth is, research is showing just how vital a healthy breakfast is in the morning and that it is essentially one of the most important meals of the day. Those who eat a nutritious breakfast have an easier time managing their weight, have a better memory, and make better food decisions throughout the day.

So why wouldn’t you give yourself the gift of eating a healthy breakfast every morning? Thanks to amazing companies like Over Easy healthy breakfast, you can get pre-made breakfasts with all the essential nutrients compact into one delicious bar! This means that there is never an excuse to skip out on this meal again.

But what are the essential nutrients that make a healthy breakfast? We are going to break it down for you so that you can always ensure you are fuelled up for the day ahead.

1. Lots of protein

Your body and brain need protein to prevent that feeling of tiredness come afternoon. Protein from cage-free egg whites is normally one of the best types of protein to eat at breakfast time and gives you the stamina to have a great day! However, when you’re tired of eating eggs or when you simply run out, you can turn to the many breakfast options without eggs. Also, when our body has enough protein from the get-go, we will avoid having cravings for unhealthy snacks that we actually don’t really benefit from.

2. A good dose of fiber

Fiber is good for our guts and digestion. So we want our body to have enough of it from the get-go so that our digestive system can work all day long. Fiber is found in foods like grains and oats and is equally effective in helping us maintain low blood pressure even if we do find ourselves getting stressed later in the day. Plus, fiber helps us prolong the energy that protein has given us and makes sure we don’t hit that feeling of fatigue.

3. Only natural sugar

Not all sugar is bad—just the processed and refined ones! The natural sugar found in fruits and honey is a great way to get that extra burst of energy and offset any unhealthy cravings. Having a handful of fruit in compliments with your breakfast bar is always a great way to get the energy reserves to get the day going in an upbeat way!

4. Delicious peanut butter

A healthy breakfast only uses natural flavoring. And one of the most delicious and healthy flavors out there is peanut butter! This delicious food not only comes jam-packed with protein but has a delicious nutty flavor that makes you look forward to eating that healthy breakfast. So say goodbye to those unhealthy fake flavorings and hello to the delicious taste of natural peanut butter—a flavor that really is worth waking up for.

5. Something that is simple

The key to a healthy breakfast is that it should be something that is simple for you and easy enough to integrate into your morning routine. You shouldn’t need to spend an hour whipping something up to get all the nutrients you need for the day. It can be something as simple as a pre-made breakfast bar that can give you everything you need to start the day off on the right foot!

Having a healthy breakfast is easy if you can incorporate these simple components into the meal, which include lots of protein and fiber, only natural sugar and flavoring, and a simple process to get it all prepared and in your tummy.