What Do You See? It Shows Details About Your Personality

Do you know that your mind only sees what it wants to see? – Well, that image says a lot about your personality.

This is what’s behind the premise of the Rorschach test. Psychologists working on these personality tests show a large number of photos into one just to create a personality profile.

Believe it or not, these tests often come as correct.

Sometimes I find this disturbing because somehow it freaks me out.

Don’t ask. I can’t explain why.

One psychologist says:

I first came across the Rorschach inkblot test when I was training to be a clinical psychologist. I was shown a series of cards containing inkblots and asked to say what they looked like to me (Tester: “What does this look like?” Me: “A bat.”) I remember thinking that it felt more like a tarot reading than a proper psychometric test.

He adds:

However, when the test was scored and interpreted, it produced a scarily accurate profile of my personality. It knew things about me that even my mother didn’t know. I’ve been a fan, if a rather skeptical one, ever since.

The image you are going to see below is not from the Rorschach test, but it will show a lot of things about your personality.

Take a look at this picture and remember the first thing you see.

Let’s check what you saw and what it says about your personality.

Did you see an explosion?

It means that you are one of those creative people with an active imagination. This reflects on your current job. If you are not working in an artistic field, it’s time to do the switch.

Let’s go back when you were young. What was your favorite thing to do? Follow that passion and hobby and turn it into something bigger.

Did you see two hands?

Your personality is a mix of imagination and logic. You see what’s there first, but you are looking deeper, and you can imagine more.

That’s why you are always a great leader, even if you are leaving the others to do that role.

Did you see a tree?

You are observant. People can’t hide anything from you because you always see the little details most of the people miss.

Your skills are amazing. That’s why people like you succeed financially into the business world.

Did you see nothing?

Relax, breathe, and consider taking a vacation. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean anything bad. It’s just that your brain is tired and it’s not able to perform some tough tasks like you want it to.

If you feel intense pressure and get angry easily, it’s time to get some rest. These are the most common signs that show you are overworked. Plan a day with your family. See how it goes.

If it’s the best day you’ve spent recently, take the whole week out. You deserve it.

So, what do you see up there? I saw a tree.

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David Wolfe

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