What are the 5 “Things” That Cause You Weird Dreams?

Weird dreams always make me laugh. I can’t believe a mind could go so far and think about something so strange while you are asleep.

People say how this is as a reflection of what you think or do during the day. It happened to me to think about something through the whole day and dream about it going on in my dreams.

So, there are thumbs up for that.

According to the latest reports, there could be something else causing you to run away from those scary monsters and seek for an open door to escape.

When it comes to dreaming, your mind unleashes the power of unlimited thoughts. There are no boundaries nor rules.

So, what else could lead to weird dreams?

Read the answers below.



That cheese you eat alongside a nice glass of wine is not doing good for you.

According to this research, cheese is the one to blame for the weird dreams you are having lately. On top of that, the dreams you have relied on the cheese amount and type. If you eat blue cheese, your dream could fill up with odd visuals. Cheddar cheese gives you the benefit of being a celebrity or dream about one.

Things you can find with a little bit of science these days.

Taking Melatonin

The popular sleep aid. People who are taking it, claim that it does a great job and they finally can sleep tight.

However, the melatonin increases the number of REM cycles you have in a night. That means that you are vulnerable to vivid dreams. The conclusion comes from The University of Maryland Medical Center.

Test it out. Try with lower doses and see whether those weird alligator dreams stop.

Snacks Before Bed

If you eat close to bedtime, your body temperature gets higher and makes your metabolism work additional time in high gear. That ups your brain activity during REM sleep.

It’s as simple as that.

A study confirms that there is a direct correlation between when you eat and having nightmares.

Falling Asleep with The TV On

It’s not that the happenings on the TV are going to call out the dreams. You are sleeping. You are not watching at the time.

But, there is another thing that’s able to provoke dreams. The sound.

Any dialogue from the movie or show you are watching could cause dreams.

Turn off the TV at least an hour before bed. See if there is a change.


The stress is the first cause for sleeping disorders. And a sleeping disorder leads to weird dreams. That’s the simple math.

According to Mayo Clinic, when your mind is spooked enough during the day, there is a big reason to stay awake while you sleep. That leads to nightmares.

Take it slow. Go step-by-step before sleep. Take a few deep breaths and go deep into your dreams.

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There you have it.

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