Want to have a change of scenery in your home? Try new plants!

Lots changed since the pandemic swept across continents in 2020. The result? More people working from home and staying inside with the family. This brought a lot of upsides to families, being able to spend more quality time. On the other hand, people now start to renovate and improve their homes. The thing that irritated them only a small bit is now too annoying to not change. This means that construction markets have been profiting from the stay-at-home regulations. Besides that, people also started decorating their houses and changing the sceneries.

Plants can help you create new settings

Similar to changing the lighting in your home, plants can create completely different atmospheres. When changing the type of plant and its location, you can create a new setting. Besides that, if you do not have plants in your home yet, you will see how it can improve the interior. Not to mention the improved air quality, which is dependent on the types of plants selected.

The bigger the plant, the bigger the impact

While this might sound strange, the size of the plant does matter. Depending on your interior, large indoor plants can be a true eye-catcher. For example, at the entrance of your house, a large plant could help set the scene. Large indoor plants also look great in other places of the house, even in the bedroom. One of the plants that are of particular interest during the lockdown is the banana leaf plant. This plant belongs to the large indoor plants, but is still non-intrusive and has a friendly appearance. 

Grow your plants and flowers

Instead of buying plants in an (online) store, you can also start growing them yourself. A nice hobby to have when other hobbies are not possible due to restrictions. It does not only create a nice atmosphere at home but also improves your well-being. Caring for plants has been described as being meditative. This will improve your productivity and give you peace of mind to continue with your busy work.

Flower bulbs

On the Internet, there are many websites where you can purchase bulbs. These can be planted to provide you with beautiful flowers, both indoors and outdoors. You can pick the colors and combinations you like and start planting. If you keep track of them every day, you will see them grow and become beautiful flowers.

Like to be challenged?

Bulbs are relatively easy to grow, but there are many other options to consider. What about growing an avocado plant? There are many videos on the Internet on how to do this. However, executing it and growing the plant to maturity is very challenging. The same holds for a Bonsai tree, which requires constant care to make it beautiful and keep it that way. Lots of nice concepts to make and keep your home attractive throughout the lockdown periods, while staying healthy and safe!