5 Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard

With COVID-normal now in full effect, there’s a good chance you’re like most Aussies looking to get as much out of their backyard this holiday season as possible.

If your backyard has seen better days or you’ve come to love the outdoor space after coming out of lockdown, we have some great ways to upgrade your backyard this year that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re looking to become the party-hoster for your friends and family or just interested in making a cozy outdoor space for yourself, we have everything you need to know below.

Take a look at the best ways to upgrade your backyard below.

1. Start with a Good Clean

The first thing we’re suggesting that you do is to simply clean the yard up.

If there’s any sign of mould, mildew, moss or anything else out there, get it all cleaned up and work on replacing any timber or furniture that’s been damaged by these fungi. From there, you’ll have a good look at what the yard signs looks like when it’s at its best before you move forward to adding tiles, an outdoor setting or just about anything else.

For the yards that are particularly dirty, we suggest having a professional cleaner come to help you out. They’ll have a pressure washer and other essentials to help out when it comes to getting rid of moss and damaged furniture.

2. Add a Path to Essential Areas

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard that’s a split between the lawn and entertaining area in the far corner of the backyard, then invest in a path.

We suggest using a colour of tile or concrete blocks that match with the style of your yard and the colour of your home and have them lined with solar lights or even a garden bed, depending on where in the backyard it is.

With these paths in place, you’ll be directing the eyes of guests to the fun zone in the yard and this will make the area a lot more welcoming.

3. Consider a Recessed Fire Pit

A uniquely non-Australian addition to the backyard is a fire pit.

These are the ultimate cozy space that we’re sure everyone will want to get on board with, and being set down into the yard a few feet will mean that there’s a space to sit and relax in the yard without requiring seating or furniture, you’re simply able to work cushions and padding in the recessed pit.

With this backyard addition in mind, you’ll also be able to make use of the yard in winter and keep the party going when it gets a little too cold out.

4. Light Trees with Uplighting

One modern and luxurious way to enhance the backyard is with uplighting for your foliage.

If you’re the proud owner of a backyard with a tonne of trees and plants, then go all-out on having these lit up at night. You’ll be able to do this with some simple under-yard cables and some standard encased ground lights.

With these all installed in the yard, you’re keeping the space well-lit for use at night and also showing off all your great trees and gardens. This is a great addition for those yards that are used more for hosting parties and dinners than anything else, and your guests will really appreciate the extra light.

5. Add an Outdoor Setting

Arguably the most important essential for the backyard is an outdoor setting and dining space on the back patio.

You’ll want to invest in a set of furniture here that works well for your home and what you’ll be using it for, and that often means getting your hands on a durable and weather-safe piece like a Remarkable Table that you can rely on to last outdoors.

With this furniture in place and the back patio spruced up with an outdoor setting, you’ll be able to get more use out of the yard without having to actually add anything to the space permanently.

The Takeaway

All of that said, there are a tonne of different routes to take when it comes to getting the most out of your backyard and upgrading the outdoor space this year.

We suggest that you focus heavily on understanding the use case for your yard along with the yard’s style and going from there. This way, you’ll be able to upgrade the yard with intent and get the most out of the space when it comes to parties or relaxing.

In all, upgrading your backyard can be affordable and a fun experience for you and the whole family.

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