Want the Most Comfortable Heels in The World? Meet VICE VERSA

The fashion sphere has long been known for its notion that “beauty is pain.” For fashion connoisseurs who are on a constant lookout for their next sole-mate, in particular, comfortable heels are a dystopian scenario. Alanna, the founder, and CEO of VICE VERSA, even though totally smitten with the myriads of footwear options out there, she quickly realized that none of them was able to tick all her sartorial boxes. So, she cut her quest short and decided to develop her own luxury comfy heels line instead.

The most comfortable convertible heels you’ll ever wear

Everything started with a core idea; high heel shoes that fold the flats. After frantically Googling for a product like this, she quickly realized that there was none. “I thought it was so obvious, it had to exist!” she mentions, and it’s true. Foldable heels, even though a brand new, innovative design, are exactly what a modern woman with an eye for luxury wardrobe staples that stand the test of time really needs.

It wasn’t until years and years later that Alanna decided to turn her career dreams into an actionable plan. The end goal? To create a footwear line dedicated to those whose nights (and days) ended in agony as they hobbled home after walking, standing, mingling, or dancing.

The making of the innovative heels that fold to flats

“A pivotal point was when I was living in New York City running around in heels on the cobblestones of Meatpacking District and as you can imagine – my feet were killing me,” Alanna explains. It was that moment when she realized that the best high heels had not yet been invented. She envisioned foldable heels that could be a woman’s best ally during all special occasions, parties, events, and office hours. Contemporary, yet classic; convertible heels that can adapt to the aesthetic of any woman, as well as for any occasion without breaking the bank.

Fuelled by her mission to bridge the gap between functionality and style, she began thinking, developing, and working on her brand for more than three and a half years. As Alanna mentions “it’s hard for me to articulate the grand vision I’ve been dreaming of – but here goes nothing.”

To pursue this vision, Alanna left her full-time job and as she puts it” Inventing VICE VERSAs was a journey of tiny triumphs, tears, many prototypes, and many, many tiny screws.” Coming up with the perfect heels that fold to flats was not an easy feat. VICE VERSA isn’t just an e-space where you can admire the comfortable heels on the virtual shelves. It’s not even the convertible heels themselves. VICE VERSA is about the moments you’re in the heels.

The technology behind VICE VERSA’s foldable heels


VICE VERSA walks the fine line between engineering and fashion. The convertible heels that now carry a rigorously tested, extra-strong heel locking mechanism, that supports 1,000+ lbs of load, required several trips to factories all around the world. Think space-grade metals and materials, CAD modelling, 3D prints, and mechanical quality testing with Boeing engineers.

It’s all about gravity

Another subtle, yet extremely important detail is the heel. While many women believe that block heels guarantee comfort, this isn’t the case. Your heels should align with your legs, not the backs of your heels. VICE VERSA e strategically placed the heel under your center of gravity. This way, gravity will work its magic! 

Where fashion and comfort meet

However, creating innovative, comfy heels that fold to flats wasn’t the only priority. Alanna needed it to be extra fashionable and utterly versatile. VICE VERSA’s catalog includes wardrobe staples that can easily take you from day to night with ease. Timeless, yet modern; the perfect combination for every woman who demands anything and everything.

Her flagship products come in an array of different styles and colors from close to open-toe silhouettes handmade in Spain with the finest of materials. Each of them carries the retro glam of Hollywood seamlessly blended with the feminine style of Georgia O’Keeffe. 

Discover VICE VERSA’s collection of comfy, luxury heels

The Disco Slingback is the epitome of comfort with subtle hits on glam. The foldable heels are adorned with a ‘floating’ brooch encrusted with peach crystals, featuring the ‘VICE VERSA’ signature split between the two shoes. Your new favorite convertible heels are lined in leather and can offer 3.7 inches of height. Simply open the cover to reveal the heel mechanisms, push the button on the inside of the shoe, fold the heel into the shoe sole and close the cover piece with the heel inside. There you have it; a pair of all-terrain-approved flats.

The Scrunchie Mule will enhance all your warm-weather ensembles with ease. It features an open, point-toe style with a scrunchie strap for extra stability. You can choose between two different colors depending on your aesthetic. Once you need something more practical, push the button on the heels that fold to flats, and voila!  Durability and reliability are guaranteed.

The Everyday Heel, especially if you are on the hunt for the best high heels for the office, look no further than the Everyday Heel. This closed, point-toe scarlet red slingback comes in black as well. It is designed with minimalism and timeless simplicity in mind. The perfect combination for a sophisticated pair of comfy heels you can wear from desk to dinner. Just like every other VICE VERSA staple, these are also convertible heels made for all-day wear.

Discover VICE VERSA’s debut collection of convertible heels today and you will quickly find that these are the most comfortable, yet durable luxury heels you’ll ever own, yet not have to pay thousands of dollars for.

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