It feels so blissful to watch your kids smiling, seeing them grow, watching them take their first step, and being able to witness every little moment of their lives. We witness and enjoy such priceless sights through our eyes. Had we not been able to see, our lives would be a mystery. We would not know how people look or what they are doing if we were born blind or lose our eyesight. Seeing the beautiful sights and sceneries that nature has to offer is only possible if we have our vision intact.

Consider eyes to be the most delicate part of our bodies, and they are the most susceptible to damage. Many factors determine the course of damage, like eating unhealthy foods, exposing them to the sun, prolonged screen time, or smoking cigarettes. Changes in our eyes can happen as we age, and we might not notice any evident symptoms. We often believe that failing eyesight is a result of aging, but the reality is otherwise. A 3-years old child can have eyesight issues that can be genetic, but a man in his 90s can still have better vision than many of us.

Cataract and glaucoma are the most common eye issues. Around twenty million people in the US are suffering from severe vision loss issues. Many people have droopy eyes or double eyes that they overlook as a sign of oversleeping or being overweight. Many studies report that double eyelid is a health issue and require eyelid surgery to remove the extra layer of skin. We get bombarded by many blogs and magazines telling us over and over to look after our eyesight. Due to our busy and chaotic lifestyle, we cannot find enough time to pay attention to our health. Here is how you can look after your eyes and keep them healthy ad functional.

1. Control your screen time

Our studies, work, and our free time activities are reliant on gadgets. Whether watching a movie, completing an assignment, or sending an email to a client, it all requires excessive use of devices. Many scientists believe that prolonged exposure to screens can cause dry eyes, and it also puts a strain on our eyes. It is vital to take short breaks during our work hours and have a little walk to move away from our screens and shift our focus on something soothing. If your system has enhanced brightness, use screen filters to cut down the effect of light on your eyes.

If you have diabetes, fluid can build up in the eyes. Straining your eyes and experiencing double vision and a host of other symptoms isn’t good. Be extra careful with your eyes and it’s always a good idea to have your eyes checked for diabetic macular edema to be sure.

2. Eat right

We are mindful of the benefits of eating a healthy and balanced diet. Our body requires nutrients to keep its functions running. The food we eat primarily impacts our health and wellbeing. Many of us have more junk food in their diet than healthy meals. Including nutrient-rich foods like carrots, broccoli, bell pepper, fish, and strawberries have vitamins and minerals essential for our eyes. Having the vital nutrients, a part of our food can ward off age-related vision issues. 

3. Protect them from the sun

The light splits into seven bands, each with a different wavelength. These wavelengths have their effect on humans. Exposing our eyes to the sunlight can damage the retinal cells as UV rays are dangerous to the eyes. If your job demands you to work in the open field, wearing sunglasses can prevent your eyes from the damaged.

4. Avoid smoking

Cigarettes are not only the leading cause of lung or mouth cancers, but they are also injurious to our eyes. The smoke from cigarettes, when inhaled, enters our bloodstream, and it has cyanide reduces that can damage our retinal cells. They contribute to optic nerve damage, macular degeneration, and cataract formation. If you smoke, it is best to cut down your smoking and get your daily count to zero for better eye health. Studies show that smokers have a high risk of having eye-related issues than those who do not smoke, but passive smokers are also prone to such diseases.

5. Use protective gear

Another way to prevent your eyes from any damage is to protect them at work or home. If your workplace has a lot of dust, it can disturb your eyes. The dust particles can hinder your vision, and upon prolonged exposure, it may cause permanent damage. Eye injuries are common in every job, and around two thousand people suffer from eye injuries in the US daily. Experts say that it is possible to prevent 90% of eye injuries if people use protective eye gear while they are working.


We can carry out our routine tasks because our vision is fine, and we can sort out our things. A tiny dust particle can leave us disturbed for hours as it makes our eyes irritable, and the feeling is bothersome. Eyes are the most complex and delicate organ of our bodies, and a little negligence can cause permanent damage. We can cure diseases like cataract, glaucoma, or fix our vision with our spectacles. Taking preventive measures to keep our eyes healthy can delay many diseases, regardless of age bracket.

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