VIDEO: How Your Birth Month Could Impact Your Health

A team of researchers studied the connection between your birth month and the impact on your health.

The study was conducted by the Columbia University.

The team connected up to 55 conditions tied up with the birth month. Most of them were heart-related.

According to the lead researcher for this study, Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti, the connection between the birth month and the conditions are linked to the:

  • Cardiovascular System
  • Respiratory System
  • Reproductive System
  • Neurological System

In the video below you will see Dr. Tatonetti describing the findings of his research.

The whole team examined approximately 1.7 million health records from New York City using a computational method.

That’s a lot, and it vividly talks about the success of this study.

Check it out.

The research team is working with 40 other healthcare institutions worldwide to collect more evidence and standardize the health records for detailed studies.

I’m looking forward seeing this team proving their theory. I’ll update this story If I found out more about this.

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Source: PositiveMed

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